SUSU Elections: The Exit Polls


Voting in the 2015 Elections closes on Friday 13th March at 4pm.  With less than 48 hours until voting closes we decided to open up an exit poll to see how the votes are for each sabbatical candidate.  

Union President

Only two candidates ran in this year’s Presidential race, significantly fewer than last year’s 10 contenders to be SUSU’s ultimate BNOC. You can read Ben’s interview here, and Sebastian’s here.

[poll id=”36″]


VP DCI is another two horse race, again with significantly fewer candidates than last year. You can read Kerry’s interview here, and Chris’ here.

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VP Welfare

There are three candidates running for VP Welfare, Sam Bailey whose interview you can read here, Chibeza Mumbi whose interview you can read here, and Eva Pemberton, whose interview you can read here.

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VP Education

VP Education is the only uncontested Sabbatical Officer role. You can read Shruti’s interview here. 

[poll id=”39″]

VP Engagement

Perhaps the hardest to call of all the Sabbatical races, Hannah Talbot and Jenny Bortoluzzi are running for VP Engagement. You can read Jenny’s interview here, and Hannah’s here.

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VP Sports Development

With four candidates, VP Sports Development is the most contested Sabbatical position, and arguably the hardest race to win. You can read Jamie’s interview here, Ashley’s here, Stephen’s here and Roman’s here.

[poll id=”41″]

VP Student Communties 

VP Student Communties is the only race with the same number of candidates as in last year’s election. You can read Anjit’s interview here, and Rebecca’s here. 

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Visit to cast your vote by Friday, 4pm.

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