Steak Club at The Bridge, a review


photo (1)Last week I was lucky enough to be asked by the Bridge to review their new steak night. Abiding by the number one student rule (never turn down free food) I happily obliged.

There is a choice of three cuts: flat iron, rump and rib eye for £7.70, £9.90 and £12.50 respectively. Having very little experience in ordering steak, I went for the medium priced option, hoping that this would somehow balance out quality and quantity. I wasn’t disappointed! Having previously described myself as “not a steak person” I am now a convert!

The rump steak was tender, juicy and delicious; not at all chewy. The sauces (a £1.50 supplement) are very much worth it. I would recommend the Peppercorn, which is less heavy than the others. The cherry tomatoes which come with the meal are perfectly cooked, sweet and juicy and the garlic roasted mushroom melted in the mouth. To top it all off we were supplied with the famous Bridge chips which happily mopped up the rest of the sauce.

Washed down with a glass of the house red and topped off with great service and smiling bar staff, this genuinely has to be one of the most enjoyable meals out I’ve had in a long time!

All in all, it was an incredible meal with a very small price tag. I would recommend this to steak lovers and “I’m-not-a-steak-person” people alike. Bon appetit.

Score: 9/10    (and I’m a bit of a food snob!)


Steak Club runs from 18:00 to 20:00 at the Bridge every Monday


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