5 Life Lessons From The Walking Dead


Season 5 has come to an end and we have to wait til sometime in the summer for the spin off, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ for our next undead fix. But if, like me, you’re a fan of the Walking Dead then you’re probably well aware of the many uncanny parallels between our uni world and the post apocalyptic world of the hit AMC show. Familiar or not, take a moment to study these five life lessons taught to us by Rick Grimes and his group of survivors, it could very well mean the difference between succeeding at university and being smashed around the head and bled out in an old train station.

1. article wDDon’t let your problems build up.

Just like the undead, things like weekly reading, washing your clothes,   paying the bills and revising seem like things you can put off on their   own. But if you let them build up, they’ll surround you and tear you apart   while you gargle on your own blood! Or you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and behind. Don’t put off what needs to be done, and don’t be afraid of burying a hatchet into a biter!



  1. Make sure you’re thorough in your house hunt.article wD

A quarry? A farm? What about a prison? Sure they seem pretty secure, they seem like they could work out, but make sure you take a good look when house hunting. Damp, bills, shoddy facilities and – god forbid –  rodents. Soon this great looking home doesn’t seem too secure, but you’re trapped in a contract and for your sister’s birthday you’ve got to give her a bullet to the head.

article wD23. Watch your finances.

Student loans can sometimes seem like a lot but you can soon find yourself strapped for cash. Food, drinks, nights out, all the trappings of the big city can eat up your finances, not to mention bills. As easy as it is to shoot the rotters in the head don’t forget you only have a finite amount of ammo. Use your knife every now and again… or just watch your finances. Try one of these money management apps.

article wD5


4. Surround yourself with good company.

From friends to housemates and societies, who and what you mix with can have a big impact on your life at uni. Remember, you’re going to meet lots of new people, don’t judge a book by its cover. You can immerse yourself and have a great time and meet friends or you can cut your boyfriend and his best friend’s arms and jaws off and wander round with them chained to you… which is awesome in a zombie apocalypse… terrifying in real life.

article wD45. Remember what you’re here for and don’t give up

University’s all about hard work: you get out what you put in. You might lose a few friends to the walkers, or some psychopath in a seemingly idyllic town (or from Doctor Who), but if you don’t lose sight of the end goal you could leave with a decent degree and good memories. We all get knocked back, get a 2:2 in a piece of coursework, get a hangover and end up late for an exam, you’ve just got to brush yourself off and keep pushing forward. And SPOILER ALERT, that psychopath gets it.

The more you think about it, university is pretty much like the Walking Dead, but you can make it through if you learn from this advice. Also if you’re a leather vest-clad hick biker you’re pretty much set for life, good luck to AMC if they try and touch you.

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