Liberté pour les Garçons


A political statement is one that will always stand out, whether it is shown by an action, a message or through art. A political statement will catch your attention, even through a hoard of thousands designers and the haze of glitz and glamour.  A political statement in fashion reminds the critics that fashion is more than vanity; fashion is expression, fashion is power and fashion unites.

Comme des Garçons is a beautifully distressed brand. Constantly pushing the boundaries

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of fashion, and never settling for a simple easy ride, the brand strives to bring about change. The most recent catwalk show sees the world renowned tattoo artist JK5  doodle all over the  prestigious designs. But is this doodling just doodling?

No. What designer Rej Kawakubo has done is spectacular, a creation of freedom through clothes.

Freedom of speech is something we should never be scared of so when the Charlie Hebdo massacre shocked the world, nobody allowed this silence to be heard. The unity, the solidarity and the national pride throughout France and across the Globe was breathtaking, and everyone had one thing to say; Je Suis Charlie. This phrase will continue forever, and the freedom of speech will never be lost.

For a designer to make their clothes relevant to modern day issues is rare. Of course, many designers have tried this, but when the garments are as powerful as the message they stand for – that is rare. The Comme des Garçons Homme Plus AW15 captures the power of speech and expression perfectly. The bright white suits are drawn over with colour and pattern, conveying the innocence of those killed though the expression of tone. The intense contrast to this pure and expressive image is seen with the dark hooded figure opening the catwalk. Dressed in a powerful, dramatic, and mysterious hooded outfit the show was opened, and then freed.

Comme des Garcons are performing exceptionally well, generating $220 million a year. For a brand who pride themselves on their unique and unusual garments and shows, it is incredible how they have achieved so much. With the help from their collaborations and celebrity endorsements, they have achieved great success, both economically and culturally- so lets hope that AW15 continues this.

The brand message for freedom is not only adopted in the most recent catwalk but as you enter their website, “WEAR YOUR FREEDOM” is scribbled across the home page. Everything about the brand is screaming unity to the world. Comme des Garçons is beyond caring just about image and fashion. It cares about the world, and this is the most noble thing a brand could do.


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