The Student Guide to Eurovision



Yes, I’m very aware that Eurovision falls smack bang in the middle of exam period (23rd May), so you might be writing off watching it at all. But, don’t you think that you deserve a break from hardcore revision? After all, taking a night off decreases the probability of burning out in the day, and it’s vital to relax during the stressful period. And what better opportunity to relax than watching a cheese-filled, vibrant, pop fest?

1. Friends

In watching Eurovision alone, you simply cannot appreciate it as much as it deserves. Matters such aarticle-2387262-0F26176000000578-554_634x418s mocking outrageous costumes or imitating awkward dance moves require people, ideally those who you don’t mind seeing you do the infamous boy band airgrab, or dropping to your knees during a power ballad.

  1. Costume

An excusmnOLYie--tlqqj2pMEWX_AQe to dress up in all those items you bought for freshers which never actually made it out. Picking a country each and coming in good old stereotypical attire not only results in heightened involvement and enjoyment, but also fabulous photos of you all to remember the glorious evening. Also, try making some food from your chosen nation, and bring it along as well.

  1. Wagers

After hearing the songs, placing bets on the winner can really spice up the action. This way, tumblr_mfkw41PfXN1retxa0o1_1280the awarding of points won’t make you want to fall asleep. As this section of the programme takes up a fair amount of time, interspersed with presenters from other countries attempting to crack jokes, you may as well make it interesting.

  1. Music

Despite the music of Eurovision leaning toward the area of ultimate cheese, some of it is surprisingly decent. Yes, it might not be what you want played at your wedding or your funeral, but it makes incredibly good listening in summer, whether you’re lazing on a beach abroad or avoiding wasps whilst cloudbathing in your garden.

And, finally, for the alcohol enthusiasts amongst you who plan to use Eurovision as a chance to forget completely about exams through the aid of spirits, here’s a drinking game to help you along…

Each time Graham Norton is offensive about another country’s song

Any political message

If a country gives points to the country adjacent to them

When you see fireworks

At any mention of world peace or cooperation

If a song has ‘love’ in the title

When the host sings or speaks in another language

So, on the 23rd May, take a break from studying and worrying. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonders of Eurovision!


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