Edinburgh Fringe 2015: A Day of Preparation


The Edinburgh Fringe (a.k.a. the world’s largest arts festival and holy grail of all things Comedy) is just 6 weeks away and Comedysoc are raring and nearly-ready to go, with both a sketch and long form Improv show in the pipeline. But what does a day in the life of a budding comedian, in their quest to reach The Fringe and make strangers laugh, actually look like?!


12:00 – Sketch Writers meeting commences

13:00 – Sketch Writers arrive.

13:30 – Attempt to write a sketch about Oedipus

13:31 – Realise that an Oedipus sketch may not be very suitable for a sketch show on at midday, also the sketch wasn’t funny enough.

14:00 – Write a sketch about Primary school children turned into blood-thirsty organised militia by a depraved teacher.

14:15 – Discuss whether such a sketch is any more suitable than one about Oedipus for a midday sketch show…conclude not… but keep it in anyway because this one’s really funny.

14:30 – Send one person off to the shop for a snacks run. Use this time to bad-mouth said person behind their back. Write a sketch mercilessly attacking said person whilst finding ourselves overly hilarious.

14:45 – Snack run person returns and finds the biographical sketch actually quite funny, this annoys everyone else slightly.

15:00 – Start mind-mapping on a white board, because you know, white boards make people productive

16:00 – Give up on using the whiteboard, when after an hour, all that’s written on it is the name ‘Blair’ in a love heart (It’s not what you think)

16:30 – Sketch Writers disperse

17:00 – Improv Meeting starts

18:00 – Improvisers arrive

18:30 – Play a game called ‘Give Me Back My Son’. This game is used to help improvisers practice not breaking character during an improvised scene. To play this game yourself all you need is a group of friends. To begin, one person walks up to another and, with total conviction, scream the words “Give me back my son!” into their face. Play then passes to the next person. If you laugh at any point you’re out.

19:00 – Break off into pairs and practice creating scenes from just a single word suggestion. The point of this exercise is to really make it clear to your scene partner and the audience, what is happening in the scene, who are you both and where are you, as quickly as possible. This then allows you to go on and make the scenes funny, once the basics have been decided on.

21:00 – Congratulate everyone on a good day of comedy but conclude that our lives are the real jokes. Everyone laughs politely and then goes home.

And the best thing is we get to do it all again tomorrow! Good night boys and girls.


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