Mistakes You Should Definitely Make at University


Whilst Freshers is the prime time to make mistakes, in reality you should be making them the whole way through your university career. Why? Because you learn more about life from mad, brave, insane mess ups than you will during your whole degree. Of course, sometimes mistakes should be made just for the crazy stories and for those five second of fame on Southampton Tell Him/Tell Her.

What will follow is a list of mistakes, taken from various anonymous sources, that I whole-heartedly encourage you to make.

  1. Get wasted and call someone you regret

Whether it’s an ex or the emergency services you will realise what you’ve done the morning after and you’ll swear to yourself that you’ll never get that drunk again. You will definitely get that drunk again. However, what you won’t do is call that number again on a night out because even your drunk self knows how bad it was.

  1. Throw up somewhere you shouldn’t

Know how it feels to be that drunk early on. If you get to this stage you will chunder somewhere and one day it won’t be the toilet. It might be on your shoes, it might just be on the floor in your room, or in the nearest bin. Either way it’ll be a pain to sort out. If you do this, not only will you be congratulated as an absolute legend for vomiting somewhere that stupid, but your future life may hopefully hold a lack of cleaning up after yourself. Chundered somewhere utterly weird? It’ll make for a cracking story.

  1. Get with someone on your course

Confess your undying love for a course mate in Jesters through the power of making out. See them at your lecture the next day and cringe. It’ll provide endless teasing for your other course mates.

  1. Try and fail to make food after a night out

Every student who has lived in halls knows the pain of having to wake up at 2 in the morning because someone set the fire alarm off trying to make drunk chicken nuggets. You might have even been the one who did it. But there is truly no better feeling after a night out than tucking into some very undercooked wedges with your friends, and it is something you’ll miss when you’re older.

  1. Live like a pig

You may tidy your room as if the queen was coming round for tea every time your parents are coming to visit, but you’d be lying if you claimed it was that good all of the time. It is a time in your life when you can get away with a room piled high with pizza boxes and the diet you’re ashamed of, and it’s an important rite of passage – it teaches you the importance of a nice vegetable whenever you go home and eat actual food.

  1. Go to bed at 4am for as many nights in a row as you can

No 9am in the morning? Why rush to bed when Netflix is so clearly calling to you. You won’t be able to do it when you’ve got a 9-5 job or a family to look after, so you might as well do it now – it’d be rude not to.

  1. Start an assignment the day of your deadline

When you’re at the beginning of term and your lecturer is listing the assessments for this module, you’re sat there thinking “right, this time, this time I’ll start my assignment early, I’ll be really good and I’ll get it done with time to spare”. Fast forward to the week of the deadline and you’re still kidding yourself that you have loads of time. Then it’s the morning of, and oh dear, you haven’t started. This is an important life lesson – you can’t really get away with that when you’re older and working and have responsibilities and all that, so starting a piece of work the day it’s in is a valuable lesson about planning ahead and not binge-watching  a new series the night before. If you didn’t do it at least once, how would you ever learn?

So don’t look back on your first year at university and feel embarrassed at the absolute drunk mess of a person you have become – be proud, wear it with pride. It’s what makes university so special, and you are not the first, nor will you be the last, to do all these things. These mistakes are what make you as a person and you need to make the most of them while you can.



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    If that’s your outlook on how much work to put in, I actually hope you fail. If people who put in that little effort are able to pass, it just devalues reputation of the uni for those of us who actually work hard.

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