Coming Out to Your Flatmates: A Fresher’s Guide


Well hello there LGBTQ+ freshers!

Now, just like every other fresher who is about to embark on an amazing adventure to university, you are excited, full of anticipation and more than likely to be incredibly nervous. But, unlike most others, you have the extra worry of having homophobic house mates. You might worry about how to awkwardly tell everyone that you are indeed a grade A homosexual (or maybe you are bisexual, pan-sexual, asexual, trans-gender or any of the other lovely letters that exist in our miraculous group).

Obviously, everyone is different and my advice is not helpful to everyone. So, this article will discuss how to come out as gay to your new friends, based on my personal experience.

Let’s start with… The drunken confession.

This one is very much my favourite path, and not just because I drink wine like it’s water. What you do is pretty straight forward. You become intoxicated (probably at pres). You then comment on the dashing looks of a friend of the same sex. You take a sip of your drink and utter ‘how about the D?‘, while the rest of your flatmates look at you with open mouths and a sense of wonder. Queue for all kinds of embarrassing and evasive questions coupled with girls saying ‘I’ve always wanted a GBF (gay best friend)’.

On a side note, if any of you reading this would like a GBF, please do not greet any gay man with that. We were fed up with that sentence exactly a week after we first came out.

Pre-Drinks Games

This was the method that I used myself. It doesn’t matter what the game is. It could be ‘Never Have I Ever’ or other similarly fun activities. I myself used ‘The 50 Shades of Grey’ board game’ (This is a fabulous game and well worth the money). The events transpired in this way:

Friend 1: Which Goddess is most likely to have lost their virginity in an embarrassing way

Friend 2: Ed

Friend 3: Ed

Friend 4: OMG it was so Ed

Me: It probably was

Friend 1: I told you, now tell us the story

And that is how I told a group of people I just met that I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend.

I lost my virginity like I live my life: awkward and baffling.

The Emotional Talk

This is for the classier of my fellow homosexuals. It involves actually sitting down with your uni friends and explaining to them that, yes, you are gay and that it does not matter since you love yourself no matter what. Your new uni friends will probably then look at you and say ‘yeah, that’s cool. We already knew because you told us drunkenly last night. Anyway, pre drinks start in half an hour and I need to get dressed.’

And with that, the most underwhelming moment of your university career will have come to an end, and you can just continue to enjoy freshers.

Please don’t be afraid to come out. Love yourself for who you are and others will just have to accept your true calling: you have a craving for the D/V.


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