Contemplating Getting Involved in Sport at Southampton? Think No More!


Upon arrival at the University of Southampton, you will find yourself surrounded by opportunity. Sport is central to this. It’s not exclusive to those who are already quite talented, but also (and even more so in fact) if you’ve never played at any level prior to Uni. It is a world in which the most inexperienced footballer can score a wonder goal for his or her halls to beat their arch rivals, but also one in which a highly skilled cricketer can score centuries for Southampton across the country. If you find yourself pondering over questions such as whether you’ll be good enough, whether you’ll have the time, or just whether it’ll be any fun, look no further.Quidditch149A

First of all, there is something for everyone at Southampton, with pretty much any sport you can think of on offer. Never seen yourself as the ‘sporty’ type? Maybe you’ve just been playing the wrong one! A simple glance at SUSU’s never-ending list of clubs and societies is likely to leave you astounded at the amount of sports you probably didn’t even know existed. Quidditch is an actual real-life sport now – who knew?! As a matter of fact, Southampton Quidditch Club are the reigning British Champions.

204_1381698401What’s more is that you can get involved in almost everything at beginner level, so it’s well worth giving something a go. Football is a great example. With several University teams and plenty of intramural leagues, it’s easy to find a level that you’re comfortable with and potentially strive to move upwards. Play for your course, your society, your halls or the University. Don’t be dissuaded by your ability. The intramural rivalries are certainly something to behold, with a poignant example being the infamous Chamberlain vs Glen Eyre or Connaught vs Montefiore duels. Needless to say if you find yourself belonging to either of these halls you’ll discover the chants soon enough.

It’s worth remembering that Sport at University isn’t all about the game. The socials are unbelievably fun. They are a chance to have a laugh and bond with your teammates, although don’t take them too lightly; there can be plenty of rules to keep up with! Some of the most memorable nights out at Uni stem from Sports socials. You’ll soon learn that Wednesday night is the new Friday night.

Finally, can sport be juggled alongside a demanding course? University represents a huge step TeamSoton-logoupwards in the level of independence a student is expected to have. Time management is an incredibly valuable skill to learn from the outset. If you can master it, then there’s no stopping the amount of activities you can involve yourself in. As every course has Wednesday afternoons free, many sporting fixtures/training sessions are held during this time, as well as over the weekend. Also, the lower requirements in First Year allow you to experiment and really enjoy yourself (not that we condone any lack of effort in your studies!). There’s few better ways to do this than through sport.

The Bunfight (your chance to get involved with as many societies as possible) will be during Freshers’ Week, so bring yourself along and go wild on those sign up sheets, just make sure you sign up for the Wessex Scene also!

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