12 Websites All Students Need


The power of the internet is supreme. Some websites can even get you through university. These 12 websites will get you through aspects of your student life with ease. Keep note of these. Go forth and let the internet guide you.


This website gives you recipes based on the ingredients that you have. If your creative streak is lacking in the food department, or you have an odd combination of food you need to use up in the fridge, this website will get you cooking up a great meal in no time.


Having trouble with your bibliography? CiteThisForMe is your go to website to create a smashing bibliography with astounding ease. Use this for all essays and you’ll never lose marks for your bibliography ever again. Or if you’re also just really lazy when it comes to your bibliography, this will get it done quickly.


So you’re finding it hard to decipher your lecture notes. Never fear, Khuube is here to organise them and make them into beautiful notes for you. Perfect for revising.


All those lectures and essays are getting you down and you need an escape. However, you’re on a budget. A student loan is never enough, and let’s face it, you’re not earning as much money as you should. Groupon is your solution. This is the perfect way to travel on a budget when you need to get away.


If a cheap trip away doesn’t take your fancy when you’re feeling down you can always go on Blah Therapy. This is the place where you can talk to a stranger online about your problems and they will listen intently and sympathise. If you don’t feel like talking to the people closest to you, a stranger is always there to help somewhere on the web when you need to talk. This is especially helpful if you’re a fresher feeling overwhelmed by university life.


Need to head home in a hurry, and cheaply? Go on blablacar to find an easy ride home. You might meet an awesome stranger in the process. If you’ve got a car yourself and you need some extra cash, log into blablacar and let everyone know where you’re heading and when. You can give a ride to someone and earn money! Excellent!


You’ve got a 9am and you need to know just how late you can go to sleep before you’re going to sleep through your alarm and miss your lecture. This website lets you figure out how long you need to sleep for and when you should go to bed if you’ve got an early one.


For the spontaneous traveller, this website tells you the cheapest places to stay and the cheapest way of travel to get somewhere on a whim. Southampton Airport isn’t too far, why not see where you can go?

9.The Book Pond

Buy and sell your course books here. Perfect if you need to earn some cash and even better if you want to save some cash when you need to get that reading done.


Struggling with revision? Come here to test yourself and play games that teach you everything you need to know. Just type in the questions and answers and quizlet will do the rest for you. Great for memorising the facts.

11.Google Scholar

When you’ve got some research to do. Don’t google it, google scholar it. This takes you straight to the important academic articles and books that you need to cite.


This is for when you’ve got nothing much to do or you need a break. Well it’s mostly procrastination. Everyone needs Netflix. With tons of TV shows and movies, it has all you need to make a perfect evening and even has suggestions depending on what you usually watch.



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