Excellent Value Freshers’ Night Marred by Self-Empowering Bouncers


Bedford Place once again threw one of the biggest nights of the year by giving freshers access to all of their popular clubs for only £6.50. Drinks were as cheap as £1, as freshers jumped between venues to get maximum value out of their wristband.

Each club was full; however no queue was longer than ten minutes, which was completely ideal given the excitement of everyone present. The majority of club DJs decided to spin popular RnB tracks which never failed to receive an awesome reception. 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg and all the likely suspects had the freshers moving all night long.

For some, however, a fantastic night was ruined by the unnecessary antics of bouncers. It is worth highlighting that almost all were friendly and allowed students to access the club without hassle, as you’d expect with a wristband system designed to promote shorter queues and speedy entry.

A very unpleasant experience in the queue for Popworld left a sour taste in my mouth. As one student stood patiently in the queue, the bouncers waved him through. As he walked through, they stopped him and decided to mock him for his acting skills, claiming that he should be studying Drama whilst laughing at him. The student decided to stand in silence, which prompted the bouncers to kick him out of the queue for failing to laugh. As they explained to him that he was too drunk, it soon became clear that he hadn’t had a single sip of alcohol all night and quite simply didn’t find the bouncers’ bullying particularly funny. As this was explained to the bouncers by his peers, one proceeded to attack anyone taking problem with the issue. Onlookers were completely shocked.

Having seen the entire incident, I initially thought that he was being kicked out as a continuation of the joke that they were trying to have at his expense. However it was nothing more than a total abuse of power, compensating for the embarrassment of failing to make several people laugh in a queue of perfectly compliant students.

This opens a wider debate on the behaviour of bouncers throughout the city. Their role is to ensure everyone’s night runs as smoothly as possible; yet often they do the opposite. Due to the nature of clubbing and the fact that most club goers are intoxicated, many bouncers are untouchable by club rules in order to allow them to do their job properly. This, however, can result in a power complex. It is unlikely that Popworld will do anything regarding the issue, which can be the root of the problem.

While this incident ruined one particular group of students’ night, it’s worth noting that the Bloc Party as a whole was superb. One of several events returning to the Freshers’ programme but one that certainly earns its place. Unique in its concept and on the whole, the night ran very smoothly considering the volume of students in one place. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering attending in future. Just not Popworld.


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