Bunfight 2015 Review


On the Wednesday campus was buzzing with opportunities, communities and freebies as freshers and non-freshers alike explored the 300+ societies that the University of Southampton has to offer. This year’s Bunfight was yet again an all round success.

Instead of the giant snaking queue of last years bunfight, this year societies were organised into their separate zones, resulting in more queues but shorter ones. Although this made the event somewhat more tricky to navigate, it did tackle some of the queueing craziness of past bunfights.

Original Photgraph – Freya Jeffries

The largest zone was sports development with around 80 different sports societies, which was appropriately held in the old sports hall. The stalls were full of little quirks, featuring gymnasts sporting leotards and a mini climbing wall on the mountaineering stand. Meanwhile the union was buzzing with creative industry societies and student communities societies and in garden court LopSoc and the The Melodics performed live, making for a lively atmosphere. Pretty much everywhere on campus was packed with stalls and enthusiastic volunteers.

Original photograph – Freya Jeffries

Kerry Sclater, VP for Democracy and Creative Industries said about the bunfight:

The bunfight is such a great opportunity for students to find out about the great societies we have here, and I’m so pleased with how it went. We tried out a different queuing system this year so groups were organised in their zones and there were fewer queues, and whilst it’s always going to be a bit chaotic, I think it really paid off.
All of the staff and volunteers involved in the day did an absolutely amazing job running things smoothly, and it was great to see the really creative ways that societies were selling themselves- my favourite moment had to be beating the Chess society at their own game with VP Education, Shruti. I hope students enjoyed it as much as I did!

RAG representative, Bruno Russell also raved about the day:

It was great to see so many people engaged and eager, I’d never had someone actually come up and ask me for a leaflet before!

Original Photograph – Freya Jeffries

Another student added:

It was really cool to see the huge amount of stuff there was to get involved in and the amazing stuff […] societies have been up to!

The bunfight hashtag on twitter was also very active all day, with SUSU playing #truthordare with students and of course various societies getting freshers hyped for the day. In general it was a fun, exciting and eye opening day that demonstrated just how enthusiastic UoS students are about getting involved with SUSU and making the most of their university experience. Overall the bunfight was a positive, universally inclusive event which is definitely up there as one of the highlights of freshers.

Original Photograph – Freya Jeffries

If you missed the bunfight or would like to find out more about the incredible range of societies at the University of Southampton be sure to visit the SUSU website for an extensive list of societies.


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