Jailbreak Southampton 2015 Applications Open Soon


If you spoke to Enactus Southampton or SUSU RAG at the bunfight last week, then you probably already know about Jailbreak. Jailbreak is a worldwide event, in which small teams of students have 36 hours to to race across the globe, to get as far from their home city as possible with absolutely no money of their own. 

Now in its second year running, Jailbreak Southampton aims to achieve even greater results than its outstanding total of over £10,000, raised by the 70+ participants who got involved last year. And with over 150 people signing up at the Bunfight last week, this year’s Jailbreak – which kicks off on Saturday the 21st of November – is looking to be really big. Last year the winning team made it as far as Cyprus, whilst the runners up reached Warsaw in Poland. Can this year’s contestants beat that impressive distance of 3295.32km?

36 hours

No money

Unlimited possibilites

Used with permission http://www.jailbreaksoton.com/gallery/

The money raised by Jailbreak last year – amounting to over 1/16th of the University’s’ total fundraising efforts of 2014 – went to RAG’s chosen charities Teenage Cancer Trust, Water Aid and Solent Mind, and to Enactus Southampton’s social enterprises San Eco and Right Light. This year Jailbreak will carry on supporting Enactus Southampton’s Social Enterprises and RAG will be supporting The Red Lipstick Foundation, Make A Wish and Student Minds.

Morgan Roberts, UK Challenges Officer for RAG said about the upcoming event:

Jailbreak is THE event that you just have to participate in at university; there is nothing else quite like it. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, gives you unbeatable stories, and brings together so many student groups – everything that being at university is all about! Let’s get a team to Australia!

Used with permission http://www.jailbreaksoton.com/gallery/

If you think you are up to the challenge of hitch-hiking around the world to raise money for some fantastic local and international charities, then be sure to attend the Jailbreak information meeting on Monday the 5th of October in 02/1089. You can then sign up for Jailbreak from the 5th to the 12th of October.

In the meantime explore the Jailbreak 2015 website to learn more about Jailbreak and keep updated by liking the Jailbreak Southampton Facebook page and follow @sotonjailbreak on twitter.

Where will you go? How will you get there? Only you can decide.


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