Freshers’ Ball Review


The Freshers’ Ball is the climatic end to two action-packed weeks of partying over Freshers’ Fortnight. It is a night where the girls get a chance to dress up (with heels and all) and for guys; it’s the opportunity to pull out their best suit and tie. By all standards; it should be one of the biggest nights of your time at University. And from what we saw; this year was one of the best yet. This was echoed by Tom who said: “It has been the best event so far by SUSU”

To prepare for the ball, the University was transformed into a ‘circus’ themed location which was virtually unrecognisable to day-to-day Highfield, perhaps this makeover contributed to what was an electric atmosphere. The circus theme was brought to life with fire performers, jugglers and stilt walkers. Freshers’ were welcomed in under an arch covered in lights, and walked along a red carpet to the entance. To top off this incredible introduction, the redbrick was filled with fairground rides (including a carousel) as well as a noodle stall, which thoroughly impressed the Freshers’, Kate said;

“The food looks great. When it gets late, I’m going to be all over that”

Source: Nuala McBride

As you walked in, there was an interactive band that greeted you, a giant King Kong Gorilla stood tall in the foyer, where you could get your picture taken. Surge Radio DJ’d in the lobby area, and Bridge was transformed into a silent disco. On top of this, there was a champagne casino- themed bar and The Cube was transformed into a disco. This meant that wherever you found yourself, there was always some good entertainment! It semmed that the Freshers’ were estastic at how much choice they had on the night;

“So many rides: it was unbelievable”

It really did seem as though was having an amazing time. Many were very happy that there were fairground rides too; as this made it a different night to other ‘standard student nights’ and added to the circus theme. SUSU had done a great job of organizing such an event, with each element carefully planned and working effectively with eachother. There was no one area that was in demand and so everything appeared to run very smoothly. In previous events, students have been unable to even access The Cube because of the sheer number of people; but this was completely avoided this year.

Source: Nuala McBride

Some of the acts that played The Cube were Hodor (aka Kristian Nairn) from Game of Thrones, Britain’s got talent 2015 runner up, Jamie and BBC Radio 1 Danny Howard to name but a few.

The general consensus was that this year’s ball was much better then previous years. Many people felt that there was more to do this year, with there being multiple rides and food stalls, many stated an approval of how there was more connection between the different event areas. One person noted how they were “impressed by the organization, as there was so many things going on at once”. In essence, the night appeared to be a great success with many Freshers’ having a night to remember- for all the right reasons. Hats off to SUSU for this one.


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