Alternative News Bulletin: I


Some very strange things happen in the world, and here are a few of the odder news stories of recent weeks

A duck in Devon was injured in a pub brawl with a dog

Ducks cause more problems as ‘Unbalanced Duck Fanatics’ start argument over statue

In the ‘Stereotypical Article of the Week’, there is now a university in Italy for porn actors

In a new blow to the Russell Group’s reputation, Sheffield has begun lectures on masturbation

‘We didn’t realise they hated eachother’ – Cameron overheard mocking Yorkshire

Hulk Hogan wants to run for election with Donald Trump

Man released from jail as Crystal Meth turns out to be salt

UKIP MEP suggests reconquering Calais [What’s wrong with that? – Editor]

Labour London Mayoral candidate alienates core vote by saying there are too many chicken shops in London

Image Credit: The Independent


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