10 Things You Learn During Your First Term at Southampton


Yes! You’ve got into the University of Southampton. The next few years of your life are going to be incredible. But, what is your first ever term going to be like? Let me help you unravel this riveting mystery from which are the best clubs to how you feel about university.

  1. Your freshers experience is not complete without a trip to the Palace of Dreams. Jesters is a path of righteousness for most Southampton students. Just wait until they play Baywatch. Then have a Jesticle whilst you’re at it.
  2. On the other hand, you don’t need to drink to have fun and meet new people. SUSU has the most societies of any university in the UK. There are over 300 which means you’re likely to find something you like. Whether it’s Quidditch or Cake Decorating, Southampton’s got it all.
  3. A popcorn sandwich is not an acceptable meal of choice. Nor is pot noodle as breakfast. Despite the assumption that student meals are literally anything you can get your hands on, you’ll realise that you can budget and make a decent meal that is nutritious, tasty and cheap.
  4. A lecture at the top of the maths building followed by a lecture on the other side of campus, or god help you, on Avenue campus, is a one way ticket to hell. You’ll arrive at your lecture sweating and wheezing but you’ll have some excellent glutes by the end of term.
  5. All-nighters are a terrible idea, however, you will become a pro at them. You’ll know exactly just how much caffeine and how many snacks can get you through the night. This is also a result of your professional procrastination. You will realise just how much your ability to avoid work has developed since A Levels.
  6. In addition, you’ll work out exactly how much you need to work to reach the bare minimum of 40% in your modules in first year.
  7. You’ll seriously come to value home. You’ll miss the cleanliness, the cooking.  You might not miss home as much as you think you will but you’ll certainly value it.
  8. Total freedom to drink and eat and do whatever you like isn’t as satisfying as you thought it would be. Being lazy is nice but you’ll feel the consequences and you’ll want to get out and do something. Netflix is great but so is meeting new friends and gaining new experiences. You’ll realise suddenly that the university has so much to offer in terms of opportunities.
  9. Having a wobble is natural. At times you’ll doubt where you are and what it means for your future. You might miss home or consider changing your course. But you’ll realise that there is a solution to all of your worries. Your lecturers, your friends, your union are all here to help and more.
  10. Living on your own doesn’t mean you have to truly act like an adult. You’re allowed to make forts in your kitchen, have duvet races down the corridor and act like the floor is lava.

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