Freshers’ Christmas Ball 2015: A Review


As term draws to a close, this year’s Freshers’ Christmas Ball was once again a great way to celebrate the upcoming holiday and to let hair down after a semester of deadlines, assessments and hard work.
Just like the Freshers’ Ball, the event, run in association with JCRs (or soon to be known as Halls Committees) was held at the Union on Highfield Campus, with a sense of fun and familiarity that many Southampton students could appreciate. Featuring bright and colourful Yule tide decorations, snow machines, Santa’s grotto and “whispering” Christmas trees at the entrance, a festive yet quirky atmosphere was created with enough space for group photos.
xmas ball tree
Source: Events at SUSU.
The bars were overflowing with guests, with music in every main room. Bar Three had tunes played from Surge Radio, while the Cube, decorated with disco balls, hosted live performances from bands Lawson and Stooshe as well as Capital FM DJ and Southampton Alumnus Emma Jo Real-Davies.
Source: Events at SUSU

But perhaps the most popular part of the ball was the Silent Disco in the Bridge. Since its inception into SUSU’s balls, the Silent Discos have been the most revered by students. Be it due to the availability of choice in music, the sense of collective social immersion gained, or the amusement factor of having several people simultaneously singing different songs, this is often where guests spend the most time during the evening. But with “Made in Chelsea’s Stevie Johnson and Mark Francis playing a mix of Christmas classics, nostalgic favourites, club hits, modern pop and some alternative rock on different channels, the Silent Disco was made to suit guests with all sorts of music tastes.

xmas ball1
Source: Events at SUSU
Overall it was a fun night out in a very familiar and safe environment. The £8 ticket price was reasonable and people were keen to go as evidenced by the sell out of tickets. It was an enjoyable way to end the term and to start the countdown to the Christmas holidays.

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