Nightmare Before Christmas: 8 Gift Ideas for the Uninspired


Present buying: either a fun-filled experience, or an utter nightmare. From the trials and tribulations of Secret Santa shopping, to finding something, ANYTHING, that your parents haven’t been given before, it can seem like an impossible task. Don’t fret; I’ve put together a list of 8 present ideas, ranging in price and effort, to give you that inspiration that’s been so elusive.

1. Voucher for Graze boxes

Know a friend or family member who deserves a tasty treat? Graze boxes are a fun way of eating nutritious snacks, and can even be delivered straight to the workplace. Graze have a voucher for every need, ranging from three boxes for £11.97, to a whopping 50 deliveries for the weighty sum of £199.50 (maybe not the best option for a student budget). With the voucher, your loved one can choose the content themselves, so you don’t even have to worry about that!

2. ___ of the Month Club

Having a surprise delivered each month is a Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Although there won’t be anything to unwrap on the big day itself, there’s the knowledge that each month brings something delicious. There are endless possibilities, for example Coffee of the Month, Wine of the Month, and Cake of the Month (all available from

3. Spa Voucher

The ultimate pampering experience, and a fabulous chance to let a friend unwind and indulge. From a historical day at the Roman baths in Bath, to the scented steam rooms at Centerparcs’ Aqua Sana, spa vouchers can vary not only in price but also in content. Why not pay for yourself as well, and accompany them for a spot of indulgence yourself?

4. El Camino Bracelet

Found at This is the perfect gift for someone who loves travelling, as you can mark their accomplished destinations on gorgeous silver beads. Although this has oodles of sentimental value, it can be a tad pricey, with each individual bead costing £8.99, but the website does sell gift vouchers of various values, so you could contribute to the beginning of a project.

5. Personalised Home Furnishings is probably already familiar to you, but it’s amazing what you’ll find just scrolling through the different pages. To add a special touch to a simple decoration, personalise it with a name or a collection of your shared memories, and turn something relatively everyday into a treasured possession.

6. Adult Colouring Book

A sudden hit with students and people in stressful professions, the phenomenon of colouring books for adults presents (pun intended) an ideal opportunity for gift giving. Johanna Basford has brought out a collection of exquisite designs to colour in (‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Enchanted Forest’ are particularly incredible).

7. Hamper

Is your friend obsessed with a particular brand of hot chocolate, or adores a certain beauty product which they don’t normally buy due to expense? You could put together a hamper of all their favourite things, and put them in a cardboard box covered in pretty wrapping paper. This makes a beautiful gift, and shows how much thought and effort you’ve put in.

8. Chocolate

When all else fails. Always a winner with Secret Santa, chocolate embodies Christmas so utterly that it still makes the perfect gift. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, have a gander in Hotel Chocolat, whose mouth-watering fillings will put a smile on anyone’s face (the mulled wine ones are mind-blowing).

With any luck, your Christmas shopping will no longer be a case of rushing and stressing, but instead a relatively pain-free experience! Happy gift giving, and have a wonderful Christmas. 


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