How to Minimise your Hangover


A Quick Guide to Drinking Through the Party Season:

The Christmas season is finally here! Inevitably this means plenty of parties, drinking and therefore, hangovers. We all know that fighting through the festivities is difficult with a hangover, and nobody wants to listen to their relatives poor rendition of ‘santa baby’ while nursing the effects of last nights cocktails and mulled wine. So here are a few ways you can reduce that stonking hangover…

Stay Hydrated:

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it promotes the production of urine, causing you to excrete more water from your body than you are taking in. This can lead to dehydration, and the classic dry mouth and steaming headache in the morning.

So, make sure you either have a glass of water at the club before you leave, or down some when you get home. If you’re really organised put a glass beside your bed before you go out as a gift to your future drunk and dehydrated self.


We all know by now that its not a good idea to eat on an empty stomach, even though you might want to feel the effects of the alcohol a bit faster, or don’t want to bloat out that special outfit you’ve been saving to wear.

However, having food in your stomach acts as a barrier to the alcohol helping to slow the pace of that double vodka going through your system. Even if you only have a small meal before, grabbing some chicken nuggets on the way home can help limit that nausea in the morning.

Stay Away From the Congeners…

Some people may find themselves sensitive to congeners, which are chemicals such as methanol and acetaldehyde that are produced during fermentation of alcohol. These impurities can irritate blood vessels and tissues in the brain, therefore giving you more of a headache in the morning. Darker alcohols such as whisky, dark rum, and red wine have more congeners than lighter drinks such as gin or vodka, so it might be best to limit yourself on the mulled wine.

Less Fizz?

Fizzy drinks speed up the absorption of alcohol into your system, so if you’re trying not to get too wrecked too fast, maybe that vodka and cranberry juice isn’t such a bad idea?


Good old paracetamol will help to get rid of muscle cramps and headaches. Ibuprofen can also help to reduce the swelling from when you twisted your ankle while tripping down the stairs in heels. Its best to stay away from aspirin, as it may further irritate the stomach, making you feel sick.


Stews, vegetable soups and cooked fruits are easy for your fragile stomach to digest, they’ll also top you back up on vitamins and minerals. But then again, a greasy fry up is never a bad option.


More information can be found on the NHS choices website.

Happy holidays!

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