52 New Years Resolutions Every Southampton Student Should Make


Ahh, New Years Eve, the one night a year you take a break from the revision filled Yule Tide in order to drink over-priced fizz and desperately search for someone to kiss at midnight. Maybe you’e travelled back to Southampton to celebrate with Uni friends and jesticles, or maybe you’ve stayed at house party in your home town to make awkward small talk with that person you kissed in Year 12.  Or maybe you don’t buy the hype and you’ve stayed in to play scrabble with your Mum.

While all of the above are honourable options, it’s fair to say most students start the year as they mean to go on: horrendously hungover. If you buy into the “new year/new me” craze, us lovely folk here at Wessex Scene have complied a list of New Years resolutions you should make – and actually keep.

  1. Get a gym membership

Seriously, Jubilee has  one of the cheapest university gym memberships in the country, and if you’ve got an entitlement card – it’s basically free.

2. Actually use your gym membership

3. Don’t spend more than £5 on entry to a club

No matter what minor celebrity is Djing.

4. Don’t spend more than £3 on a drink

5. Stop thinking an extra shot of vodka in your drink is a good idea (especially if it’s a Jesticle/Juicy Lucy/anything you can buy in the Palace of Dreams)

6. Don’t go out when you have a deadline the next day

7. Don’t go out until your exams are over

I don’t care how much fun your friend who studies humanities is having.

8. Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die


9. Just kidding, have sex if you want to but carry some condoms for emergencies

10. And be respectful, if you’re bringing someone home don’t wake your housemates up – or at least provide them with some earplugs.

11. Utilise Southampton common – it’s beautiful, and picnic season is approaching.

12. Take risks, this may be your last year as a student, which means it’s your last year to do something stupid and get away with it.

13. Actually clean the dishes in your house. (Preferably within an hour of consuming dinner)

14. Don’t start turf wars in your house, you have to live together all year, be nice.

15. Eat your food before it goes off

16. Don’t leave food in the fridge until it’s unrecognisable. No one likes a mouldy cucumber.

17. Take your hair out of the sink/bath/shower, put the loo roll on the holder. Just be a decent person to live with.

18. You don’t need takeaway more than once a week. Your stomach may say yes but your bank and health say no. 


giphy (1)

Once a week treat yourself. Buy a cake, have an extra hour in bed, buy those shoes you were lusting over.

20. Join a club. Southampton has more clubs and societies than any other University in the UK, you have no excuse to not try something new.

21. Write for Wessex Scene – have fun, win some awards and boost your CV in the process. Plus, who wouldn’t want their work read by thousands of readers on a daily basis?

22. Leave your card at home on a night out, otherwise it’ll end in tears

23. Realise that the four corner challenge is disgusting – and if anyone claims to have completed it, they’re lying or gross

24. Learn a new skill

Whether it’s cooking or quidditch, this is the year for you.

25. Pack a lunch. As wonderful as the campus eateries are, they’re expensive if you buy from them everyday. Make a sandwich and bring it to uni with you, you’ll save hundreds.

26.Don’t get your hopes up, you’re not going to get a chocolate bar at Caf Paf on a Thursday. 

27. Get some bloody sleep. All nighters are not a good idea.

28. Don’t leave your essay to the night before

29. Or any deadline for that matter.

30. Get some work experience – those grad job offers will come rolling in.

31. Learn to budget

32. Remember, your degree isn’t everything. Go out, exercise, join a society, have a break. 

33. Don’t forget to actually enjoy yourself in the process – Uni is meant to be the best time of your life right?

34. Support your union – go watch an AU match


Or at the very least go to Varsity. Which this year will have games from St Mary’s Stadium.

35. Learn to say sorry and mean it


If we’ve learned anything from 2015, it’s that Justin Bieber isn’t all that bad. What do you mean you don’t agree?

Okay, enough of the puns – but seriously,  take a page from his book, if you’ve messed up a sincere apology goes along way. It’s all part of growing up, so whether you’ve nicked your housemates milk or done something much worse, own up and apologise.

36. Get away from electronics an hour before bedtime

It can seriously mess up your sleeping pattern. Read a book, talk to your housemates or do some yoga instead.

37. Get outside

38. Read for fun

Remember the days before you had 300+ pages of course reading a week and instead you had time to read literature for the sake of it! Well you still do, go to the library and crack out some classics. Head over to the Edge if you need some inspiration.

39. Eat your greens

40. Give your liver a break, you don’t need to drink every night

41. Call your parents

42. Bake something, it’s therapeutic and your friends will love you for it. Check out our lifestyle section and get inspired.

43. Sleep more

44. Complete the Southampton bucket list

45. Appreciate SUSU the cat – she might not have much longer, nobody knows how old she really is, but I think it’s about 100.


46. Attend a Southampton FC match, you can buy tickets from SUSU and you have a Premier League club on your doorstep. Why not?!

47. Learn a language

48. Go on tour. Sharing a hostel room with twenty other twenty somethings just isn’t the same once you’ve graduated.

49. Go to a local gig. Southampton has so many good venues, support some local talent.

50. Make friends with someone from Solent, or a local. They’re really not that bad.

51. Go abroad –  make the most of your long holidays while you can.

52. Do the Southampton Park Run, an excellent cure for a Switch hangover. Every Saturday at 9am join the joggers and have a look around Southampton Common.





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