7 Future Crazes For 2016


We’re only just in 2016 and already we have been graced by #DrummondPuddleWatch and the strange phenomenon that is text door neighbour. If this is just the beginning, what else could 2016 bring? From ‘What are those!?’ to Hoverboards, last year certainly gave us some, well, interesting crazes and phenomenons to say the least. What madness could this year bring? 

  1. Puddle Watching


#DrummondPuddleWatch may have started something fascinating. With all this rain forecast, with all the flooding, what better than to lighten our mood with a bit of people watching and giggling as people struggle to cross small bodies of water all over the UK. If puddle watching doesn’t catch on, perhaps this will be the year where we celebrate the mediocre, focus on the beauty of the seemingly dull.

2. Periscope

Periscope was the platform for #DrummondPuddleWatch which really tells us something about it’s potential. Live stream your lecture, live stream your house mate walk into a tinfoil covered room after a weekend away with an unlocked door. Periscope broadcasts your live streams via Twitter and lets people watch the stream back for the next 24 hours. If you download the app you can pick and choose streams to watch from around the world and comment live. Once celebrities catch on, it’ll be the latest way to grab the attention of your favourite star.

3. Text Door Neighbour

Allegedly people have started contacting their ‘text door neighbour’, changing the last digit of their phone number to one up or down and texting them. In late 2015 we had group chats springing up everywhere with people around the world who shared a name. Now you have an excuse to get to know a stranger another way.

4. Comeback Tours

Busted are gigging around the UK on their comeback tour this year, pleasing everyone who grew up singing to but not quite understanding the lyrics behind ‘What I Go to School For’ . Not only that,  but word on the world wide web is All Saints are teasing a comeback for this coming year. Speaking of comebacks, Craig David is headlining Common People in Southampton…

5. Craig David

That’s right, Craig David is making a comeback. When the Bassline Drops’ filled our ear drums at the end of 2015, and now he has blessed us with a brilliant cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’. With more new releases on the horizon, Craig David might just rekindle his career.


6. Peach

Nope, not the fruit. The creator of Vine, Dom Hoffman has created a new app for iPhone users only, called Peach. It’s a bit like Facebook. You can post statuses and pictures and comment. Instead of poking people you can ‘boop’ or ‘put a ring on it’. Android users can’t download the app, but it’s okay. They wouldn’t want to jump on the bandwagon anyway.

7. Group Chat Mania

With the introduction of nicknames, colours and chat specific emojis, Facebook has kick-started the year of the group chat. Of course, group chats existed before, but not like this. The group chat you have with strangers of the same name will be made ten times better, group chat names will become wittier, snazzier, more colourful. You’ll eventually have more group chats than you do private chats.

What a time to be alive.














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