Phone-Free Clubbing: What’s the Deal?


If you don’t use your phone in a club, let the whole world know via every form of social media that you are smashed and with all your friends, did it ever really happen? 

Well, apparently it does. Especially now one company, Yondr, have offered clubs around the UK the opportunity to bulk buy phone cases that lock your phone so you can’t use it whilst you’re in the club.

The idea is to stop you from getting distracted by social media and to allow you to get lost in a moment. It’s almost like forced socialising.

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It’s certainly important to focus on the friends you’re with rather than posting a wild snap-chat story; a Facebook post here, a poorly spelled tweet there. But, is it really a good thing to go cold-turkey on a night when you’re supposed to be relaxing? Or maybe we’re all too addicted to our phones to realise where we’re going wrong. Some of us don’t know what it’s like to clubbing without the distraction of hand held technology.

Our parents and grandparents are forever going on about how we never come off our phones and engage in the real world. Maybe this is our chance to do just that. As Yondr puts it, by putting your phone away you get ‘authenticity, privacy and exclusivity’. It might be nice to get away from all our notifications for a bit. It might be nice to avoid our phones so we don’t have the temptation to check it every few seconds.

On the other hand, some might argue that this is the reality of the modern age, we rely on our phones for communication when we need to find our friends. We use them to quickly phone a cab when a mate passes out. We want to be able to look back on memories with fondness and taking pictures or snapchats or posting on Facebook is how our generation will do that. Perhaps privacy is not what we want. Our generation’s media present pretty much proves that. Doesn’t authenticity and exclusivity sounds a bit pretentious anyway?

If one thing is for sure, the company’s success will certainly say something about our generation’s attitude. Keep your eyes peeled.



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