Get Out of the Overdraft: 8 Ways to Make Money Fast


It’s that time of year: the time when we all get our student loans but all they mean is that our overdraft no longer looks quite so painful. But what with all the takeaways we eat over exam period, it doesn’t take long till we’re staring at our bank balances wondering how on earth we’re going to make it through to the Easter holidays. Thankfully, it turns out that generating a bit of extra income isn’t as tough as you might think! We’ve put together a list with a few ideas about how to earn a bit of extra cash whilst you’re studying. Thank us later.

  1. Tutoring.

You’re at university, which means you’re definitely qualified to tutor GCSE or A-Level in whatever subject you’re studying. Maths, English, the Sciences and Modern Languages are particularly sought after. A lot of parents think that their teenagers will respond better to a younger tutor, so it shouldn’t take you long to find work once you sign up to a tutoring site (have a look at Schoolstrader, UK Tutors and First Tutors to get you started). If you still need convincing, tutoring jobs generally pay at least £20 an hour (depending on your subject area).

2. Interviewing

The information for student surveys has to come from somewhere, and they generally pay their interviewers really well. The Times Final Year Student Survey is currently recruiting final year students at Southampton to carry out the survey in February, generally a quiet month for assignments. For only 10 hours work you could earn a hefty £90, just by chatting to your course mates about their time at Southampton. What’s not to love? Click here for more information.

Image Source: Fiverr

3. Fiverr.

Turn your talents into money by offering up your services on Fiverr. You stipulate what you can offer people for 5 dollars (making videos, social media posting, making music…use your imagination) and wait for the offers to come rolling in.

4. Babysitting. 

Get yourself a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check and you could earn a respectable amount of money just by sitting in front of someone else’s TV. Have a look on Gumtree or These days, people pay at least £8 an hour for babysitters.

5. Dog Walking.

Can’t deal with children? Maybe dogs are more your thing? We students generally have time available during the day when people are out at work and don’t want to leave their furry friends all on their own all day. Gumtree is a good site for finding dogs that need walking. You can expect to charge about £7 an hour for dog walking, and you earn money whilst staying active and getting out of your grungy student house. Win-win!

Image Source: Ebay

6. Sell clothes on eBay.

Haven’t worn it in a year? Chances are you aren’t going to wear it again, and why hold onto it when you can transform it into cash?

7. Sell your old course books.

When the modules you’ve done roll around again, the new crop of students are going to need those books you spent a fortune on and never read. If they’re in good condition, you can charge just under full price for them. Get organised and advertise your books in relevant Facebook groups before everyone’s been out and bought a brand new copy.

8. Sell DVDs, CDs and games.

Most students’ rooms are full of things we don’t need, and getting rid of your clutter can be a great way of making money quickly. You can sell things online for free on Preloved or if you send them to a site like MusicMagpie you’ll get paid instantly.


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