SUSU Elections 2016 Rumours: Who’s Running?


With nominations for SUSU elections being announced on Friday, our top secret Wessex Scene reporter chased the gossip around campus to find out who might be running for a sabbatical position at the student union elections.

Last year we correctly predicted all bar three of the candidates who were running. Here is what we’ve heard this year.


Sam Bailey

Bridie Pearson-Jones

Liibaan Mohamed

Alex Hovden

Richard Ottaway

Jay Ham

VP Democracy & Creative Industries:

Jade Head

Michael Clarke

Cameron Meldrum

James Chadwick

Michael Oliver

Bryony Newman

Sammi Standley

Trini Philip

Rebecca James

Matthew Drummond

VP Engagement: 

Kieran Reals

Dan Varley

Bruno Russell

VP Sports Development:

Katie Lightowler

Jamie Wilson

Tom Provan

VP Welfare:

Dan Browning

David Allwright

Christina Vinothan

Amy Paraskeva

George Seabrook

VP Communities:

Rebecca Lake

Flora Noble

VP Education: 

Elliot Grater

Frazer Delves

Bradley Tombleson


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