The Definitive Ranking of Pancake Toppings


So it’s Shrove Tuesday, the one day a year (other than Christmas, your birthday and Easter) where there are no calories in your food and it’s socially acceptable to eat whatever the hell you want.

We’ve already taught you how to make perfect pancakes but now we’re here to tell you what to put in them, go forth and enjoy pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

21. Egg

Keep it for your sandwiches. No need for egg in a pancake with their’s already egg in. Plus, you need to save your frying pans for flipping.


20. Cheese and Ham/Onion

Savoury pancakes are a big no no. Why have this when you can lovely sugary pancakes? Save the cheese for your 3am post Jesters toasties.


19. Butter


It’s a pancake, not toast. Don’t be lazy.


18. Sausage/Bacon

Or any kind of meat for that matter…

We know how much students love a big juicy sausage. But save it for your Sunday morning fry-up. Not pancake day.


17. Golden Syrup

Sticky, messy and not that tasty. No one wants that stuff in a pancake.


16. Peanut Butter

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Not bad, even better with chocolate sprinkles – but it’s no lemon and sugar.


15. Jam

Not the best, and pancakes are definitely not scones, but you could do worse. You can also get creative with this one and live life on the edge by trying lots of exotic flavours.


14. Duck

I know what I said about savoury pancakes, but as it’s Chinese New Year, why not incorporate the two.


13. Maple Syrup and Bacon

I personally can’t understand why you’d mix sweet and sour like this, but for some reason a lot of people love this North American delight.  6.5/10

12. Maple Syrup

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Scrap the bacon, much better this way.


11. Chocolate Syrup

Now we’re getting somewhere. Chocolate spread, syrup or melted chocolate on a pancake is something to get out of bed for.


10. Marshmallow Fluff


You know that disgustingly American looking snack that sits in the foreign food aisle in Sainsbury’s? Try it. Try it now on your pancakes. 8.5/10

9. Strawberries and Cream


Pretend summer has come early. Plus strawberries are a fruit so it’s healthy, right?


8. Ice Cream

Hot and cold, together, perfect.


7. Banana

Delicious, nutritious and you can jam to Jack Johnson while you cook. What’s not to love?


6. Blueberry

These would have a higher rating, however fellow fans of Prison Break will realise it’s far too sentimental to fully enjoy.



These are super adaptable, and you can add nuts, chocolate or fruit. Plus, cinnamon is super good for you.


4. Nutella

AMAZING. No explanation needed.


3. Lemon and Sugar

Incredible, traditional, perfect. 9.8/10

2. Anything from Sprinkles or Scoops

The new Sprinkles store, which opened today.
Sprinkles Southampton

Why bother making them yourself when you can get them done professionally? Although to make sure that you avoid all the annoying kids, get there outside of the school rush times.


  1. Nutella and Banana and Strawberry 

The holy trinity. The best thing you’ll ever want to put in your mouth.

10/10, sheer perfection. 

Go forth and enjoy.



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