Candidate Interview: Cameron Meldrum, VP DCI


In the run up to the 2016 SUSU elections, the Wessex Scene team have been interviewing the candidates running for sabbatical positions. Here, I interview Cameron Meldrum, who’s hoping to become the next VP DCI.

Why are you running for this role? 

I’m running because through my immersion with SUSU, I’ve done a lot of things to do with media. I’ve also done a little bit with Performing Arts and I have gone to Union Council, so I have experience with the three main areas that the role covers. I think I’d be good at what the role entails.

What previous experience do you have, and how would this be of benefit within the role? 

I’m already on the Surge Committee, so I have an idea about what a media department does and some of the problems they face. Also, having done Performing Arts, I remember speaking to a person who was doing a play, and he had a few problems with room booking, equipment hire and things just getting done late. So, I have an idea of some of the problems they face. With Democracy, as I’ve said, I’ve been to Union Council. I’ve also studied a lot of problems with democratic engagement, as I study Politics. I feel that it would be a perfect opportunity for someone who’s studied those problems to transfer them to SUSU. I think a lot of the talk, and this is no one’s fault, has been ‘how do we make it easier?’. That’s great. That’s exactly what we need to be doing – but, we also need to focus on how to encourage more people to engage, so it’s a two-pronged approach. I think that I’ve got the experience and the knowledge to achieve that.

How do you plan to expand Careers Season? How would you expand or develop on previous Careers Seasons? 

Careers Season is great, and it’s great for people who want to go into the industry. I basically want to expand that by including a few more skills-based workshops, so, I want to bring in people from outside, from external companies. We have BBC just down the road – why don’t we bring in someone from the BBC? They could maybe teach SUSUTV how to do some professional filming and video editing. We’ve also got Global Radio down the road as well, so having them in a bit more often to do some professional radio training, some additional classes would be good. Performing Arts as well – you’ve got a lot of the guys there who do a lot of the tech work, so why not get someone in, maybe from the West End, or from a local theatre to show how they do tech in the real industry, and transfer those skills. So, a lot of it is experience and a lot of it is skills. People do these volunteer roles because they’re fun, but, also because ‘it’s gonna be good for me to get a job in the future as well’, so I’d really like to push that.

You mention in your manifesto that you want to link Union Films with the work of WSA students. Are there any other ways in which you would focus on linking CI committees and Winchester? 

I think that’s definitely something we can look at. I think bringing the creative students from Winchester, who are into art, and film making, would definitely be a good idea and is something I would be willing to take a look at further.

Focusing on media specifically, each magazine has their own committee which works as a team. In what ways would a media committee be more beneficial than separate committees? 

I think at the moment, a lot of people in the media want to focus on things that are naturally more relevant to them without having to be on the bigger CI Zone Committee. As I’ve mentioned before, employability, joint socials and problems that are just media related shouldn’t really have to be brought to CI Zone Committee, because you’ve got all the other CI committees and Performing Arts, and that’s not relevant to them. So, you can get things done better, more constructively and quicker if you have a Media Committee. Like I’ve said, these things focus on more media training, employability, joint socials and all the issues that media face as well.

If elected, what would  your first priority within the role be? 

It’s a difficult questions as there are so many broad areas in DCI. I would probably have to say, because it’s such a large area and it’s been a problem for a while, I would like to get some form of solution to the Performing Arts rehearsal space problem. After speaking to their rep Becky, we are the only Russell Group university without a dedicated rehearsal space provided by the University or the Union. And yet we have over 3000 people in performing arts. What I’m not saying is ‘I’m gonna build you a theatre’ – because that just isn’t possible within a year. But, we would like to work with all the relevant people in the area to get some form of solution, get the ball rolling basically. It needs to be looked at. You have to plan these things for the future, and you’ll be able to put a foundation down so future DCIs can take over and continue to progress.





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