Candidate Interview: Bryony Newman, VP DCI


In the run up to the 2016 SUSU elections, the Wessex Scene team have been interviewing the candidates running for sabbatical positions. Here, I interview Briony Newman, who’s hoping to become the next VP DCI.

Why are you running for this role? 

I find it the most interesting Sabb role, as I’m really into the Creative Industries, with Union Films. I’ve seen things that could be changed and I’d like to try and work on that. Recently, my friends have got me into the democracy side of things with Union Council, so I’d like to get more people interested in it, because I didn’t think I was going to be interested in it, and I want everyone to see that it is easy to get involved with.

What previous experience do you have, and how would this be of benefit within the role? 

As a committee member of Union Films, I’ve worked with SUSU, doing events, and we were part of Creative Industries week. I’ve seen how it affected all societies. We’ve had to communicate with SUSU to put on different events. So I think the fact that I’ve been basically living at SUSU for the last year will help me within the role.

Your manifesto is very detailed and covers all areas of the CI. Would you say that your plans are achievable within the time frame offered by the position and the budgets available?

I think so, yeah. I think my major plan is to make Performing Arts a Union group, that’s my main thing I’d like to focus on because they deserve the recognition that the rest of the Union groups get. I think all my other plans are definitely achievable in a year. I haven’t set my sights higher than they should be.  I think I’ve kept them high enough that they’ll make an impact, but they’re still achievable.

You aim to challenge apathy towards the Union. How do you plan to tackle this?

I think with the new Democracy idea that Kerry’s implementing anyway, mostly online. People have said that during the day they’re not as easy to talk to, they’re busy, so I think online mainly to try and get people interested. I’d like to hold Open Days where people can come and find out about it, if they do have a free time they can come in and talk to people and have it properly explained. That’s how I became more interested – having it explained that it is easy and more interesting than you think.

You say you would like to encourage CI zones to collaborate on ‘bigger projects.’ What kind of projects do you have in mind, and how would these benefit the students/societies involved?

I’m not sure exactly what it would be – but maybe you could get SUSUTV making a film, Union Films showing it, maybe a film about Performing Arts and Surge doing the soundtrack and broadcasting it and getting hype up about it, Wessex Scene reporting on it, getting everyone involved to work towards one thing. I think it would be nice if the committees all knew each other a lot better. At the moment, it’s only the Student Leaders that really know each other, and the committee that they’re with. I’d like everyone to get involved as a whole group, as we are all part of the Creative Industries zone.

Lastly, how do you plan to improve the organisation of space for the Bunfight?

I think maybe try and get The Cube just for Creative Industries so people have one space to go to if they’re interested in Creative Industries, they can go to this one area and they’ll know who’ll be in it and we can work together to make the area a Creative Industries zone. We could work together to make it look good. Everyone could talk to each other too! I would make it so that just those societies have that area to themselves.

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