What Does Your Degree Say About How Smart You Are?


In news that will shock nobody, a recent report has found that those studying maths, science or engineering degrees are among the most intelligent members of society.

The report, which was conducted by Jonathan Wai of Duke University and includes data from five different studies over a period of seventy years, shows that science and maths based subjects have consistently attracted the most academic.

Humanities students were steadily ranked in the middle, while students of education and agriculture were consistently ranked among the least academic – a particularly worrying observation, given that the majority of education students go on to become teachers.

One way the report suggests tackling this problem is by following the lead set by the world’s highest achieving education systems, such as those in Finland, Singapore and South Korea, who solely recruit their teachers from “the top third of the academic cohort.”

The data also suggests that students of business and social sciences, previously seen as less academic subjects, had begun to attract increasingly smarter students.

Of course, the data represents a group average rather than the individual aptitude, and the report does note that degree choice is often affected by a student’s interests and varies between universities. Even so, if you study science, maths or engineering, I reckon you’re alright.


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