Southampton Scientists Shows Coffee is Good For Your Liver


If the first thing you do on a Tuesday morning after waking up a Jesters hangover is reaching for the Nescafe – then Southampton researchers have some good news for you. 

According to new research, regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis (failure), which is chiefly caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

The study of 500,000 men and women showers that an extra two cups of coffee per day reduced the risk of liver failure by 44% – and the risk of dying from cirrhosis by half.

Dr Oliver Kennedy, who led the study said:

Coffee appeared to protect against cirrhosis. This could be an important finding for patients at risk of cirrhosis to help to improve their health outcomes. However, we now need robust clinical trials to investigate the wider benefits and harms of coffee so that doctors can make specific recommendations to patients.

Cirrhosis is a disease which slowly replaces healthy liver tissue with scar tissue, leading to the liver to stop functioning properly.


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