Calling All Adventurers: Get Lost for RAG 2016


You’re stranded somewhere, 99 miles away from the University of Southampton. But wait! You’re not scared. Why’s that? It’s because you’re dressed to the nines in fancy onesies with a couple of close friends, hitch-hiking your way home. It’s easier and cheaper than Jailbreak and it’s for such a great cause. You can definitely spare one Saturday, so why not take part?

Lost 99 goes like this: in the morning,20150502_150028 all teams are driven 99 miles from Southampton in a blacked-out coach so you have no idea where you’re going. This is basically the reverse of Jailbreak which means you have to find your way home rather than get as far away as possible without any money. It’s pretty simple. You’re given 9 hours to get back as quickly as possible. But, you have to complete challenges along the way if you want to reduce your time and win the game.

As one of last year’s winners, I could not recommend Lost 99 enough. I took part with two of my closest friends, Edward Dunn and Josh Baum. We got back to Southampton in around four hours, but we managed to reduce our time to just over an hour by completing several challenges along the way.  The harder the challenge, the more time gets reduced.

Challenges included:

Get high20150502_143539

Kidnap the Queen

Propose to a stranger

Get a job

Go on a fairground ride

Get a selfie with an animal

And more…

During Lost 99, our team completed the challenges and had some incredible and hilarious experiences.  We were in a car amongst countless instruments with a reggae band at lunchtime and on the top of a Ferris wheel by 3 pm. When we finally got to Fleet services, after spending the day we met a couple going to Eastleigh who kindly drove us all the way to Highfield campus.

By taking part in Lost 99 you’ll really be surprised how much human kindness there is out there. People are more willing to pick up three students in onesies than you think they are. Plus, don’t worry if you feel like you’re ‘attention-seeking‘; anything for charity is great, especially if you’re having fun at the same time.

This year, the charities are Student Minds, The Red Lipstick Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation. All three of these charities are awesome and really worth raising money for.

Got to to find out more.


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