9 Items That Prove You’re An Adult


Your first experience of living without your parents and fending for yourself is scary. Suddenly you have to learn to actually clean. Living independently means paying bills and sorting out your WiFi. Sometimes, it comes as a shock when you realise you are buying something that you have never bought before for the purpose of living – a sure sign of impending adulthood. Here are 9 of those items.

1. Ironing Board


Clothes used to go in the wash and come out again with either a lack of ironing involved, or your parents did it. Wrinkles? Ah, that doesn’t matter too much. Or at least it didn’t until now. Not only do you have to iron things yourself now, but scrunched-up clothes are embarrassing – especially so when you have a job interview to attend or a meeting with a lecturer.

2. Hoover


Buying your first hoover is an odd experience. Suddenly, you actually have a vacuum cleaner to your name; it is not borrowed, nor is it your parents’, and it’ll probably last you for quite some time. You suddenly realise you need this to live a decent life. It is actually necessary and dust doesn’t just disappear magically.

3. Cutlery


Cutlery doesn’t just appear in drawers. Admit it: you took cutlery for granted when you were younger. It was always… just… there. Other utensils too; a whisk is actually pretty useful, you definitely forgot a can opener and wow, who knew you’d need different kinds of knives for chopping stuff? Salt and pepper shakers? Yeah, they exist too. So much to think about.

4. TV Licence


Maybe you tried to live without a television and failed; maybe you didn’t realise you could be fined if you didn’t have one. TV licences are another thing people often forget about. Sure, a lot of things can be watched on a laptop, but eventually you come to realise that watching a programme on a proper television rather than a laptop is much nicer. You use arguments such as ‘it creates a communal area’ to your housemates.

5. Lampshade


When you really couldn’t be bothered, you used to happily cope with bare lightbulbs swinging from the ceiling. That, or it was just something you’d never considered buying before – until you realised how ugly bare swinging lightbulbs could look. It’s the beginning of your never-ending search for home decor. Does it really have to match the curtains? Why are there so many different sizes?

6. Toilet Roll


Toilet roll is another item that used to appear magically, whether it was in halls, hotels, etc. It’s so hard to keep up with at the beginning. You had no idea how fast your housemates could use up toilet roll and there are so many different types. How much quality do you really want out of toilet roll?

7. Nice Wine


Wine is a sophisticated drink for adults unless it is disgustingly cheap and used only for the purpose of making sangria or getting dangerously drunk (wine drunk is always messy drunk). You begin to buy slightly more expensive wine for the taste. You might even have a glass with a meal on a Sunday night.

8. A Casserole Dish


Your mother promises to buy you a large casserole dish for Christmas and for the first time ever, you are excited. Think of all the meals you could make, the dinner parties you could have, the very size of the portions. You have realised that you cannot just subsist on sandwiches for every meal or frozen pizzas.

9. Candles


They look nice, the smell nice, they’re associated with adulthood. You never found candles particularly useful until now. You suddenly understand the appeal and you want them everywhere. You may even ask for a massive Yankee candle for Christmas.


At the end of the day, these things are simply items most people buy to be able to live a decent life. Largely these are essentials or things that you might enjoy because it enriches your everyday life that tiny bit more. After all, you are no longer relying on family and nothing is just there anymore. It’s definitely not a bad thing. Be thankful that you’ve found a new fondness for home decor, more excitement in your life and an excuse to go to Ikea once in a while.


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