We Asked Grads What They Miss Most About Southampton


We’ve all been there, whether it’s during a 9am or a essay all-nighter, we just want think ‘screw uni’ I want to get the hell out of here. Yet, some of us are dreading graduation, but is it really that bad? We spoke to recent grads about what they miss most about student life and the glory that is Southampton…

It was mostly friends and how cheap everything is.

Tom Rogers, graduated in 2014 with an MSc in Maths 


There’s loads that I miss from my old uni days! Most are the usual crap that everyone misses like being able to wake up at midday and not having to wear clothes all week. But I guess I miss being able to text my friend that I’m leaving my house, and he has just enough time to make me a cup of tea before I get there as everyone lives within a 5 minute radius. Small talk with strangers is a lot harder now too. I used to have three questions (what year, what course, what halls) prepared for any situation. Now I’ve got to put effort into conversation like a chump. And I think generally speaking, I miss having no sense of shame. I’ve eaten food out of bins if it wasn’t too dirty, went to a club wearing a dress and too many people have seen me wearing next to nothing all without blinking an eye. Can’t do any of that in the real world. I’ve since been domesticated.
Jamie Barker, graduated in 2014 with a BA History
I think, what I miss the most is that no matter what you could stop everything you were doing and just go do what you wanted with your mates. That right there is freedom.
Dimple Vijaykumar, graduated in 2014 with a BA English Literature 
I guess what I do miss is the prices! Working slap bang in the middle of Oxford Circus isn’t doing wonders for my bank account – London is far far too expensive for graduates (or anyone really). Going out here burns a nice hole in your pocket – the Sobar 1.50 triples really were a blessing as was the short walk back to my house!
Matt Hawksworth, graduated in 2014 with an MSc Marine Biology: 
Well I’d say the thing I miss most would be the people. Having all those friends from so many different areas, course people, housemates, friends from Surge and SUSU in such close proximity all the time is something you take for granted until you leave and can’t all see each other regularly or meet up on a whim. You can make the effort to see people of course, but it’s different to saying ‘let’s go for Trago brunch’ at half 11 and you’re all there at 12 or those chance meetings you get around the uni or the city. I miss the fact I can’t see any or all of my best friends within minutes.
Danny Ramasawmy, graduated in 2015, MSc in Aeronautics & Astronautics
I miss Surge radio,  I miss my favourite places to eat on Portswood Highstreet, mainly sprinkles and ghandi. A really nice thing about Southampton, and the thing I miss the most, is that the majority of your friends are within a 15/20 minute walk from you, and you can spontaneously meet them or someone every single day. That is not something you get after you graduate, and working life is nowhere near as fun.
Grace Pattle, graduated in 2014 with a BA in English and Philosophy
I think the thing I miss most about uni is radio doing the show used to be the highlight of my week. I remember doing a show on the day of my last exam and just got pissed in the studio and played music really loudly so that’s definitely a fond uni memory.
Amelia Mayes, graduated in 2015 with a BA in English
The thing I miss most about uni is being part of all the great societies. I was really involved with the media and also enjoyed doing dance. You have so much freedom at uni and I loved being able to present and produce my own radio show – it’s a bit harder to do that in the real world!
Hannah Mylrea, gradated in 2015 with a BA Music 
I miss are they ridiculously long holidays, Jesters, a night out costing less than my current bus fare to work, student discount. Probably most I miss the people though – I miss living with some of my closest friends in our ridiculous house, and I think I really took for granted the fact I used to be able to walk onto campus and head to SUSU or The Bridge and just bump into people I knew! Also a big thing I miss is watching day time television . I miss Storage Wars and Jezza K big time.
Chris Stark, graduating in 2008, with a BSc in Politics and International Relations
We haven’t actually spoken to him, but it’s probably Jesters.
Chris Stark


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