Shine Salon: Free Haircuts to Help The Homeless


Sue Morris, an Enabling Services staff member at the University of Southampton, is a woman with a mission. Sue is currently training to complete her NVQ Diploma course in Barbering at Shine Salon above the SU shop on campus. Sue is giving students the chance to come in at no cost, so that she can practice and complete her diploma.

The reason? So homeless men and women can get their haircut for free. This would take place at the Big Breakfast at Above Bar Church on Thursday mornings.

Sue told the Wessex Scene:

“I’ve cut the hair of five or six students so far, all more than once.  Two of the students have come three times & it has been lovely to get to know them all.”

Sue is incredibly enthusiastic about her training and told the Scene how grateful she is that these students are willing to come in so she is able to train.

Sue’s passion to help the vulnerable in Southampton is very clear. Her aim is to help these vulnerable to feel better about themselves and to have access to something they could not usually afford. Hair 884 final

Promising that the Big Breakfast at Above Bar Church serves a delicious and wholesome cooked breakfast (with second and third helpings!), Sue told the Wessex Scene how much her cause has expanded, having recently visited a homeless shelter with the boss of Shine.

Sue is also a volunteer at No Limits, a local charitable organisation which helps thousands of children & young people aged 8-25 in Southampton and Hampshire. Many of the young people they help each year are homeless youngsters who can go to a drop-in session for help, advice, counselling and even have a shower or wash their clothes in a washing machine.

Sue said:

“I started volunteering with No Limits by training as an Independent Visitor, befriending a youngster in foster care and taking him/her to ice-cream parlours [yum!], museums (Tudor House, SeaCity Museum), exhibitions & cafés etc.”

Sue would like to volunteer at the new Southampton No Limits centre in the High Street and see how free haircuts might fit in with their drop-in sessions. Info for young people about job vacancies is readily available at No Limits, along with information about sexual health, awareness of misusing drugs and ‘legal highs’, and many other things.

Sue is very aware of what the difficulties are for these people:

“A while ago, it occurred to me that a vulnerable young person who has no support from home might not be able to afford a haircut to appear smart for an interview after applying for a job.”   

If you want to get a free haircut and indirectly help the homeless at the same time (killing two birds with one stone), book an appointment with Sue Morris at the Shine Salon before June, when Sue is hoping to complete her course.


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