#TBT: A Maximum 18 Hour Week. Now Would That Be Enough To Scrape By and Pay £1000 Fees?


15 December 1997, David Aust

The University Senate met on December 14th to discuss changes to the regulation which currently forbids students from undertaking part time work in term time unless they have the express permission of their tutor.

WHAT WAS the job you did over the summer like? Did it involve long hours for low wages as many jobs for students seem to? If so, you might be able to imagine what life is like for food produce workers in the Third World.

However, their pay and working conditions are a thousand times worse than the very worst summer job any one of us might have had. For example, take the banana plantations of Costa Rica. The workers are paid so little that their earnings don’t even pay for enough food to feed themselves and their families.

The use of pesticides is widespread on the plantations and the workers develop many health problems from not being provided with protective clothing or training in how to handle the pesticides safely. The companies who run the plantations use violence against any worker who protests about their punishing working ciifld lions, hence the misery continues. How does this affect us, a million miles away from these plantations: We go to the supermarket every week.

Next time you buy election bins around the some bananas or a jar of University. There is coffee, just think for a bins of the person who course, at Avenue can’t harvested it and what, at Boldrewood, they suffered in doing so.

At Wessex Lane, we can do something to and Glen Eyre halls improve that person’s residence, the more life, receipts we collect.

World First group has and food companies launched a campaign to have, so, sit up and listen.

We can make them star receipts, so that they can treating their workers like take them to national human beings with supermarkets with this message

All these people who have spent all this money in your store want food stocked in this supermarket that hasn’t been produced through the exploitation of third world people.

Once the supermarkets realise what their customers wanting right to safe, reasonable working conditions and wages to meet theirs and their families needs.

If you are interested an helping Third World Firs with this and other campaigns, e-mail them at twfit@soton.ac.uk for details of their next meeting.


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