Why You Should Take the NSS Student Survey



The National Student Survey (NSS) is your chance to help Southampton change for the better, it’s your chance to improve the student experience and give your opinion on how well the University teaches and supports its students.

If you’re a a final year student, you have experienced the University and the Students’ Union for at least three years. Your input can help the University choose which areas need the greatest focus and need to be given more money.

This might seem like a typical bureaucratic procedure, but the NSS student survey really makes a difference. Last year, students expressed their interest in wanting more part-time work opportunities so in September last year, then SUSU launched  SURecruit.



Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, said:

I take great interest in your feedback and will read every comment you make in the NSS about your time at Southampton.

If you are eligible for the survey, Ipsos MORI will have contacted you by now (either via email, post and phone).




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