Things Donald Trump Used To Do: A Pause Listicle


Many people have recently been asking a lot of questions about Donald Trump. Who is he? Who is his hairdresser? Will he give me a small loan of $1M? To answer your questions, our intrepid historians went through the Pause archives to find things The Donald used to do.

1.  He appeared on WWE

In this clip Donald Trump appears in order to fight WWE CEO Vince McMahon in the ‘Battle of the Billionaires’, although we’re not sure if he needed to make WWE Great Again because it was always great.


2. He launched a steak company


Interesting advert, but would you buy a steak from a man who allegedly has his steaks well-done?


3. He was interviewed by Ali G



Just in case you needed proof that he wasn’t a Sasha Baron Cohen character.


4. He made a board-game about himself

Have you ever thought Monopoly lacked strippers and gold-plate limos? Well, here’s the game for you!


5. He has a Eau de Cologne named after him*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Have you ever wanted to smell like him? Well now you can!


We hope you have enjoyed this quick run through the Pause archives. Next week, we’ll be going through all of Hillary Clinton’s policy U-turns! Until then, see you next time.




Pause Editor 2015-7, History student on Erasmus, maker of low-quality satire. When not writing for Pause, I dabble in Travel and Politics.

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