Southampton Students Share Their Biggest Drunken Regrets


Have you ever done something you regret on a night out? You’re not alone. Hundreds of you, anonymously, told us your biggest drunken regrets, here’s the top sixty.

  1. Accidentally broke a couple up

2. Had sex in a park. “Standard.”

3. I brought someone home and now I really wish I hadn’t.

4. Didn’t listen to my conscience, carried on drinking, threw up in the Sobar garden.

5. I shoved someone’s drink down me (which they thought was an accident) so they would buy me another.

6. Yes, lost keys and my toga so spent the rest of the night topless and locked out

7. Yes, snogged someone behind Aldi

8. Lost my driving license and bus pass

9. Yes. Throwing up at Switch was bad enough, but making out with a girl just after emerging from the toilets was a very regrettable action.

10. Yes. Got off with people I shouldn’t have with, said stupid things, argued with people for no reason. Danced very badly.

11. Yes I did a long jump, landed wrong, fell into a wall and sliced open my shoulder

12. Ended up in hospital after getting a bit mad at pres… while taking sleeping tablets regularly

13. Been carried home because I was so drunk and had alcohol poisoning the next day

14. Haha yeah, I chundered all over myself – rolled in the sick and into a bush at the bottom of Glen [Eyre Halls]. Did not make it out that evening

15. Stripped down to underwear for Baywatch in Jester’s.

16. Texted an ex, kissed someone I shouldn’t have

17. Probably the worst was going home with a girl who was far more into me than I was into her, and having to climb out of a second floor window in Glen Eyre the following morning.

18. Yes. Got with the housemate of some girl I like.

19. Put a hotdog in my clutch bag and took it to a boy’s house

20. Punched a guy in the face for getting with my mate.

21. Fell off a dance platform with trousers around ankles while in Ibiza

22. Yes, I fell into a bin and got covered in bin juice!



23. Passed out in someone else’s vomit in Chikoland

24. Gave someone a blowjob in an alleyway

25. Started a fight with flatmates

26.Sexual act in a club on a dance floor

27. Slept with a girl who I can barely remember, before chundering all over my room 5 minutes later

28. Taken a piss in the street in front of a policeman

29. Stole people’s food

30. At a Wetherspoons, that I have no recollection of being in, I decided to squirt mustard with force across the table at my friend and stained his coat. Scandalous.

31. Hooked up with the boyfriend of a good personal friend, at least six times

32. Hooked up with someone in my place of work

33. Drunk texts (x10000000)

34. Confessed my love for people I have no feelings for

35. Professed to having no feelings for people I am head over heels in love with

36. Uploaded a dick pic by mistake to my snapchat story and deleted it an hour later

37. Made amazon purchases over £100

38. Gotten into an argument

39. Drugs

40. Cried over a boy

41. Had sex with someone out of pity

42. Had sex with someone because I was sad

43. Had sex with someone to prove a point

44. Eaten 40 Chicken Nuggets

45. Chic-o-land. Every time.

46. Realised I was in love with someone, told everyone, been unable to backtrack

47. Wet myself

48. Been a dick to my friends

49. Drunk text my boss

50. Ran into the road and nearly got hit by a bus

51. Been aggressive to people, vomited in public places, said regrettable/rude things.

52. Yes, one night stands or vomitting on the floor in my hallway…

53. Yes, spent copious amounts of money on fried chicken. Wasted two hours of my life searching for my phone after allowing it to slide down the back of a sofa at a house party whilst preoccupied by eating chicken.

54. Yes, cheated

55. Yes, usually involving going home with someone I didn’t know well enough. In fact, that’s how I met my EX-boyfriend. Enough said really.

56. Fired my PA outside of Jesters

57. Yes, gone home with someone, can’t remember their name

58. Got with my friends ex

59. Chundered everywhere

60. Got too drunk at pres and didn’t make it out

You stay classy, Southampton!


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