81% of Southampton Students Have Been Affected by a Mental Health Problem


72% of Southampton students have been, or currently are concerned about the mental health of another University friend and 80.8% have been affected by a mental health issue. 

The results from Wessex Scene’s student survey 2016 show a worrying trend of high levels of mental health issues, similar to the nationwide epidemic.

14% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t know who to contact if they or a friend had a mental health issue. 12% said they would contact their GP and 22% said they would contact the University or Union (including Nightline, Advice Centre and Enabling services). Over half of students said they wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking to their personal tutor about a mental health issue.

Last week, Wessex Scene, reported that 79% of students are worried about graduating,  naming getting a job and finance as their biggest concern about life after University  and academia, deadlines and work/life balance as their biggest concern while studying.


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