Picnics: It’s (not just) a Family Affair


The summer months in Southampton are great. There are plenty of green, open spaces to play frisbee on and kick a football about. But what about a picnic?

A new survey conducted by a UK holiday company has revealed that almost two thirds of Britons have not been on a picnic in the last 5 years, with one fifth revealing they have never been on one at all! The survey also revealed that picnics tend to be a family affair, but it doesn’t have to be!

A new study has revealed that those living in the South East of the UK take more picnics than those living elsewhere in the UK, perhaps it’s down to the greenery, or maybe just good old tradition, but as a Southampton student, you’ve got to ask, why don’t we have more picnics? Admittedly, the Picnic Society at Us. (formerly known as SUSU) wasn’t a roaring success, but you don’t need to belong to the society to go on a picnic.

The team at www.holidaycottages.co.uk conducted a survey aimed at finding out how many Britons still take picnic trips, so luckily we’ve got our answer.

Further, almost 19% of the people surveyed admitted they had never been on a picnic in their lifetime!

Of the total 3,212 adults aged 18 and over who took part in the study, just over 670 (21%) said that it ‘was easier to make food at home or get a takeaway’.

Now, picnics have a certain reputation, that they’re an activity for families and older people. But, since we’re all about breaking down stereotypes, let’s break this one down. Picnics are a great idea for a society social. Indoor, outdoor, who cares! Sometimes it’s nice to give your liver a rest and actually get to know the people in your society. Also, massive plus: there’s food. You can choose exactly which foods and beverages you’d like to have on your picnic, so there’s no worry that there won’t be something you like on the menu, or that it’ll be unsuitable if you have allergies, intolerances or any particular dietary preferences.

The wonderfully green Southampton Common. Photo Credit – panoramio.

Providing it’s not lashing down with rain, a picnic is a great idea for a date. Whether it’s on the common or in the living room, it can create a wonderfully intimate setting, especially if you’re trying to impress a certain someone.

Nearly every student loves a good Domino’s, but if you’re regularly ordering dominos, even in the not-so-sweltering British summertime, you’re going to rack up some serious costs. So, if you’re worried about going into your overdraft, but still want to do a ‘cute’ and instagram worthy activity with your friends AND have enough money for that desired night out at Jesters, going on a picnic might just be the one for you.

When asked to give the main reason why they still went on picnics, 41% of people in the survey answered, “It’s a nice way to spend time with family and friends” and 38% said “They are a cost effective day out”. Now, picnics don’t seem like such a bad idea for us students, do they?

Photo Credit – discoversouthampton.

James Morris, Managing Director of holidaycottages.co.uk“It’s a real shame to see that such a large number of Britons have not been on a picnic in the last five years. Here at holidaycottages.co.uk, we are passionate about bringing back the simple joys that a picnic on the beach or at the local park can bring to families and friendship groups all across the UK. Even though many blame the fact that there are not enough locations in their local area feasible as a picnic location, I feel this is somewhat of an excuse. I can guarantee that if you undertake a little research you are sure to find some hidden gems on your doorstep that are absolutely perfect to hold a summertime picnic with loved ones. You won’t know unless you look for it, so get exploring for your perfect picnic spot!”

So, don’t spend that sunny day inside, off you go everyone!


Law student at the University of Southampton.

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