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In the run up to Fresher’s Week, Wessex Scene is interviewing various different university societies to find out why you should get involved. Here, I speak to Alex Smith, Station Manager at the university’s student TV station, SUSUtv.

First of all, what three words best describe SUSUtv?

Inclusive, Enjoyable and Good Work Platform (not three words however I couldn’t make my last point into one word).

When SUSUtv went to the Inspiring Women event earlier this year hosted in The Bridge at SUSU. Credit: SUSUtv.

Why did you join?

Before university I had always thought I would like to work in the media at some point in my life. I had barely done anything in first year and felt like I was wasting some great opportunities so I decided to join SUSUtv and all the other media departments, as I felt like it would be something really fun to do and everyone that I had met from the station were so incredibly friendly that I just really wanted to be a part of it.

Who can get involved – is it open to beginners?

Absolutely anybody can join, regardless of experience. Most of our current members and committee have had little to no experience of filming videos before coming to university and personally, I had never done anything like this before I joined! There are training sessions held throughout the year for everything you could possibly need, including: presenting, camera operating, editing etc.

The best way to get involved is just to get stuck in – whether that’s producing something you want to do or working on somebody else’s project (opportunities are regularly posted in our members group) – they will likely be more than happy to show you the ropes.

What sort of socials do you go on?

We go on a real mix of socials – not just within the TV station but also with the other media departments (Wessex Scene, Surge Radio, The

SUSUtv Committee. Credit: SUSUtv.

Edge etc). We have regular themed visits to pubs and clubs like all societies do. I am also keen this year to push industry-related socials – such as visits to professional studios so look out for things like that! We also visit the National Student Television Association (NaSTA) Awards and Conference every Easter – a genuinely really useful, fun and sociable experience!

What would you say has been your favourite moment at SUSUtv so far?

Being given the opportunity to produce and direct my own show in my role as News Executive last year was fantastic. It took a lot of work – from planning the show format to conducting presenter auditions to filming all the VTs by myself over the course of a very busy week. Due to the nature of the show, all filming and writing had to be done over the course of a couple of days – whilst this was incredibly stressful, when it all paid off it was such an amazing feeling. When you pull off a project you spent a lot of time on with the help of your friends, there really is nothing better!

Ready to film! Image: SUSUtv.

Is SUSUtv involved in any awards or competitions?

Alongside NaSTA which I mentioned earlier (which is great as we frequently pick up awards – it’s amazing to see our members credited for their work on a national level). I also cannot forget to mention our success at Media Ball this year – winning best media department, narrowly beating Wessex Scene to first place!

What do you have planned during Freshers?

We will be covering most of the major events – hoping to talk to as many of you as possible! We will also be hosting a live show on both Move-In Saturday and Move-In Sunday so keep an eye out for us over the move-in weekend!

Before Freshers’ we are releasing a large number of videos every Thursday and Sunday in order to get you excited for Freshers’ fortnight – with everything from Welfare videos, City and Campus Tours to Man v Food style challenges and comedy. Subscribe to SUSUtv Southampton on YouTube to take a look.

Image: SUSUtv.

Where can people go for more info?

For more information feel free to send me an email at with any questions you may have; to sign up as a member, request to join our members page, where we will message you so you can sign a contract – after which you are free to get involved!

We’ll also be at the Bunfight on September 28th, so feel free to pop along and meet us there!

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