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It’s a great idea to get involved in academic societies. You get to meet other people from your course, or if you’re not studying that course, just other people! Overall, it’s a great way to make friends. I’ve Interviewed Non-Law rep Tilly and Social Sec Arun to find out what the Law Society, or rather LawSoc is all about!

First of all, what three words best describe LawSoc?

Arun: Hmmm… I’d say probably “versatile” as we don’t just cater for law students, but for anyone really. “Animated” definitely – we’re not one of those societies which put on one event a year, but we are constantly trying to engage our members in new ways to benefit them academically but also ensure they have great memories of their time at uni. And finally, “friendly”. It can be a bit daunting joining a society regardless of whether you’re a fresh faced first year or a seasoned veteran, but we’re quite a cheery bunch and try to make you feel as welcome as we can, even if you’re only there for the nights out.

Tilly: Excited, Committed and Dynamic.

Why did you join?

Arun: Coming to uni I thought I’d best be as proactive as possible and join the Law Society. I didn’t really know why, or what they would do, but knew I should. And then when I went to pay the member’s fee I got chatting to the President and Secretary at the time, and we got on really well and it became less to do with law and getting ahead in that respect, and more about socialising, meeting people in the other years and having fun.


Social Sec Arun (left) with another LawSoc member. Image: LawSoc.
Social Sec Arun (left) with another LawSoc member. Image: LawSoc.

Tilly: I joined the LawSoc as the Non-Law Representative member as I have always had an interest in law and felt this was the perfect opportunity to gain some insight. I also wanted to welcome those into the society who share an interest but may have felt membership was exclusive to Law students.

Is it just open to law students or can students studying other subjects go as well?

Arun: Absolutely not! Anyone and everyone can join. We currently have a member who’s a Civil Engineer, and even a History student (Tilly) on the Committee!

What sort of events do you put on?

Arun: We put on a range of different events. We have various different academic events such as mooting (which is like a debate in front of a judge. It’s more fun than it sounds…) and negotiations – like you’ve seen on Suits, where you haggle to represent your party and get the best deal for them. Amongst the trips to Brussels to the European Parliament (a bit doubtful now) and the law firms and other companies who come in to do informal meet and greet with students, we also run pub quizzes with our lecturers, where they sit on teams with you. Get a few drinks in them, and the scary professor who teaches that subject which bores you to death turns out to be hilariously funny.

Tilly: My experience of socials last year played a significant role in developing my interest to join the committee. We try to vary the style of our socials so that there is something for everyone. Quiz Nights have proven to be a great success for the LawSoc in previous years and I’m sure this shall continue. The Summer and Winter Balls however are the flagship events of the year for the LawSoc!

LawSoc. Image: LawSoc.
LawSoc. Image: LawSoc.

What do you have planned during Freshers’?

Arun: Currently I’m planning a Bar Crawl event unlike anything that’s been seen in a while, and we also have a great Mixology Social in the offing, where you can make your own cocktail before drinking it. We also have a standing tradition of going to the Stag’s Head on Thursdays for karaoke, and usually have a table (or four) at the front.

Tilly: The bun fight will be the LawSoc’s first activity during freshers. This is an exciting opportunity for us to promote the LawSoc and recruit as many members as possible from both Law and non-Law courses. [Also] our Social Secretaries are currently planning a ‘Pub-Golf’ social as our first major opportunity to assemble as a society, get to know one another and have an amazing night!

LawSoc Selfie. Image: LawSoc.
LawSoc Selfie. Image: LawSoc.

Where can people go for more info?

Arun: We’re all over Facebook, or [you can]go to our website, or [just]come chat to us!

Tilly: The committee is always on hand and eager to help anyone with any queries. Each member has a different title/role and so are able to help those with more specific information. And Course Rep’s are available to provide information to anybody in need.

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Law student at the University of Southampton.

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