Here’s What A Car Made Especially For Men Looks Like


Finally, a car for men! 

After the recent launch of the ‘Seat Mii’, a new car made especially for women, a new ‘masculine’ car has been created “To make men’s lives easier”.

BMW have teamed up with GQ magazine, to create the new “BMW Gurth”.

The car recently made its debut at WWE Live in London, appearing in the ring surrounded by flame throwers and bikini clad women pole dancing.

A GQ story about that launch said

“Men want a car that is strong enough to protect their fragile masculinity. It has to be fast, loud and do absolutely nothing to reflect their personality, merely to attract women and prove to other men that they’re cooler than James Bond”.

So, what does this car look like? What does it do?

  • There is a beer holder, despite it being illegal to drink and drive, and an in built bottle opener.
  • There are no automatic traffic updates, only football updates.
  • The steering wheel is not a wheel, because that’s boring. Instead, it is shaped like two breasts. You squeeze the right breast to turn right and the left breast to turn left.
  • It has 2 massive exhaust pipes and an engine that sounds like a Jumbo Jet.
  • The horn makes the sound of a wolf whistle, but can also be customised to make other sounds such as a grunt or a fart noise.
  • The sun visor comes with an inflatable punch bag so men can exercise whilst they sit in traffic. The gear stick is also extra heavy so men can bulk up as they drive.
  • There are no safety features.
  • The built in Sat-Nav informs you whenever you are within a five mile radius of a Nandos.
  • It also comes with L.A.D (Lady Audio Detection) which is a system that automatically turns up the volume whenever a female voice is detected for more than 30 seconds.
  • Each car comes with Lynx air freshener.
  • Every time the car unlocks, the Match of the Day theme tune plays.
  • And the best bit? It comes in the colour that matches your football team!

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