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The German Society, aka ‘GerSoc’, is one of many of the ‘Education Zone’ societies, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it with the fun array of culture, socials and trips abroad. I spoke to the society’s president, Elizabeth, the treasurer, Alyssa, and the secretary, Aaliyah, to find out more.

GerSoc Committee 2016/17 Credit: GerSoc.

Why did you first join GerSoc?

Elizabeth: I first joined GerSoc because at the first meeting in Fresher’s Week everybody was so welcoming, and it seemed like a good [way] to have an educated excuse to drink beer! Beer aside, it was one of the best chances to meet people studying the same course as me, which is useful in Freshers when you’re trying to meet as many people as possible!

Alyssa: I joined this society to meet new, like-minded people who share my interest in languages and culture. It’s great to be able to practise my German in such a friendly atmosphere, and has been nice to get to know students from different years!

Aaliyah: As I study German joining GerSoc seemed like the obvious thing to do to meet likeminded people and improve my language skills, and joining really helped with both of those things; and it’s been a lot more fun than I expected! Everyone is so nice and the committee really does listen to the members on how to make it better for everybody.

What kind of socials does GerSoc get involved in?

Elizabeth: GerSoc is involved in Battle of the Languages and Battle of the Societies, which are good nights out – and after a few drinks you find that your German improves a lot!

GerSoc at the Battle of the Languages 2015. Credit: GerSoc.

Aaliyah: We also meet every week and have some kind of activity where people of all language levels get the chance to practise their German. Jumping straight in can be quite daunting so we liven things up with a game or two. We sometimes have other fun socials like nights out to Jesters or trips to Sprinkles.

Alyssa: We alternate our activities between having ‘Filmabend’, where we watch a German film together which helps our listening skills, and ‘Stammtisch’ where we meet up to have a chat and play some games whilst speaking as much German as possible. It’s really helpful to practise our language skills and help each other to expand our knowledge in various social settings. Every year we also organise a trip to a German speaking country, which is a definite highlight of the year.

Cologne 2016. Credit: GerSoc.

 Who should join GerSoc?

Elizabeth: Everybody should get involved with GerSoc! Everybody is welcome, no matter which course they study; as long as you have a love of all (or most, or even a few!) things German! It’s really good fun and there’s always something going on, from the Language Exchange to Film Evenings.

Do you need to be able to speak German to join GerSoc?

Aaliyah: Definitely not! GerSoc is a great opportunity to practise your German outside of the classroom but we welcome everybody who is interested in all things German. All of our films have English subtitles and the games we play at socials encourage people to speak German but it’s not compulsory.

Alyssa: You don’t need to be able to speak German to come along to our events, you just need an interest in German and a willingness to learn new things. In our society there are people of all different language levels who all gain and contribute something different to the group. Whether you want to refresh some long-buried GCSE phrases or get in some practise for a uni speaking exam- we welcome everyone!

What has been the highlight of GerSoc for you so far?

Elizabeth: My favourite part of being in GerSoc was definitely the trip to Cologne, which was nothing like school trips and ended up being a bit of an adventure… We even got given a free tour of Bonn and taken out for lunch by a lovely German lady called Barbara. So don’t miss the next time!

And finally, which 3 words would you use to describe GerSoc?

GerSoc at Bunfight 2015. Credit: GerSoc.

Aaliyah: GerSoc is inclusive, exciting and, obviously, German!

Elizabeth: I would describe GerSoc as friendly, welcoming and unmissable!

Alyssa: Spaβ, Spaβ, Spaβ! (fun, fun, fun!)

In order to get to know members of the society and find details of the upcoming socials you can find GerSoc at the Bunfight on the 28th September or find them here, on Facebook.

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