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Have you ever been curious to find out more information about Southampton Vixens Cheerleading Squad? Within Vixens, there are actually four separate teams, one being brand new this season. There’s a Game Day squad which cheers on the Stags at their American football games, a Competition squad, a Dance squad, and now a new Pom squad. Wessex Scene spoke to the president and VP of the team, along with the coaches/captains of each squad to bring you more information. Here is what they had to say…

“Vixens has honestly made our time at university the most amazing experience. From learning a new skill, to having our best nights out at our socials. There is honestly so much to gain. We have a squad for everyone. We’re so excited to see what amazing girls this year brings.”

“Every Wednesday we have socials, where our two amazing social secs ensure that we have a great time. We tend to start pres somewhere, whether this be house pres or at a bar, and later on we will move onto a club – Vixens fave is 100% Ocies! We don’t just have Vixen socials, we also have mixed socials – allowing us to meet other teams within the AU. Also, tour is a must when you join a sports team, and we would encourage everyone to go, even if it is just once, you cannot miss out on the experience of Tour.”

Competing Teams: Competition & Dance:

1.How successful have the squads been in previous seasons?

Comp: Last year Vixens were University National Champions for the 2nd time at Level 3. This was the biggest university cheerleading competition in Europe! And we are hoping to defend this title against next year.

Dance: Three years ago the squad won a world big to compete in the National Dance Association (NDA) National Championship in Florida. Since then, every year the team has placed within the top three at each competition they have attended with the last years’ team becoming national champions.

2. Can you please describe the competitions?

Both the competition and dance teams compete 3 times a year in Birmingham, Nottingham and Guildford at both national and regional levels. When asked about competitions, both the competition and dance coaches agreed that they are the highlight of the season.

Comp: The atmosphere of the arena is buzzing as all the universities show off what they have been working on all season…When we begin to perform, the whole team has so much fun.

Game Day:

1.What is the most rewarding aspect of being on Game Day?

Game day: One of the most rewarding parts is…having our hard work pay off when we nail a performance. The sense of achievement you feel as a stunt group and a team is amazing.

2. Can you describe the atmosphere of the American football games?

Game day: “The games are always super fun as there is a mutual support between us and the Stags during the game and our performance at full time. The guys always give their all and the close scores always make for a nail-biting experience… It is very much a case of cheering on and supporting friends rather than a random team.”

1.How often do you train? 

Comp: We train twice a week and have occasional weekend camps for choreography…Training is a good way to destress from uni and gives you a couple of hours a week to take your mind off work.

Dance: We train once a week for 3 hours but as the competitions draw closer we have camps that last approximately 5 hours. These camps are intense rehearsal sessions that help us to prepare for the competitions… Alongside our hard work, a lot of the time is spent laughing and catching up with each other.

Game Day: We train twice a week: Wednesdays from 2:30-5pm and Sundays 9-1 with usually a game afterwards. A usual session can range from nailing new stunts, practicing our sassy dance sections or drilling jumps.

2. Any taster / try out information?

Comp: There will be 2 taster sessions on 4th October and 6th October. Try-outs will be on Sunday, 9th October.

Dance: There will be 2 taster sessions on 3rd October and 5th October. Try-outs will be on Sunday, 9th October.

Game day: Girls are invited to go to the competition tasters. The first game day session will be on 12th October, and there will be some relaxed try outs on 16th October which assess commitment rather than skill.

All teams have emphasized that no prior cheerleading experience is required!

For more information, visit the Vixens on their ‘Southampton Vixens Cheerleading Squad’ Facebook page:

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