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SUCC, stands for the ‘Southampton University Canoe Club’. Funnily enough, it doesn’t actually involve any canoeing, instead the members prefer to kayak, as I found out by talking to Social Sec George Villars and President Grace Felicity for part of our Society Spotlight series! So take a look…

First of all, what three words best describe SUCC?

Grace: SUCCtastic, Succasliscious and… wet!

George: Crazy, extreme, and wet.

Why did you join?

SUCC at the Bunfight 2016. Credit: SUCC.
SUCC at the Bunfight 2016. Credit: SUCC.

Grace: I wanted to try something completely different!

George: I paddled a lot as a kid, but fell out of the sport as I grew up. I’d always aspired to get involved in whitewater kayaking, and this was the perfect opportunity. It’s an incredible way to get outside and keep active, with a great group of people.

Do you have trips? If so tell us more!

Grace: We run trips every fortnight where we travel to different rivers in the UK and stay for the whole weekend, paddling in the day and partying at night. Our trips start off at a beginner level, and gradually increase in difficulty, so are ideal for people who have never paddled before, but also for experienced paddlers… Especially our expert 10 day tour to Scotland!

Any important events coming up?

Credit: SUCC.
Credit: SUCC.

George: The 14th of October marks our first trip, Perranporth, when we’ll be taking busloads of freshers down to Cornwall for two days of carnage and kayaking! It’s a brilliant way for new members to get to know each other, meet the rest of the club, and get involved in some light whitewater paddling!

Grace: Like George said, our first trip is our fresher trip to Perrenporth, where we spend the entire weekend surfing the waves in our kayaks and pretending we can surfboard. And spend the evenings on the beach with a ‘couple’ of drinks…

What sort of socials do you go on?

George: Our socials traditionally end up in the palace of dreams, with various challenges and stop offs along the way! However this year we’ll be introducing a few more sober socials, so if you’re keen to try some paddling but aren’t a big drinker, please don’t be afraid to get involved!

Grace: SUCC [definitely]wouldn’t be the same without our Christmas party and summer boat ball!

What could someone expect to do if they got involved?

Grace: Expect to get wet and meet a load of new people! We are a big club and loads of our ex-members come on all our trips. Our £30 membership includes 3 training sessions a week, so you can expect to really improve your kayaking ability, and put this to use on the trips.

George: Haha all of this brilliant stuff, and members can expect to let loose and meet great people at our weekly Wednesday socials!

 What’s your favourite thing about SUCC?

George: The opportunity to go on crazy trips away from uni with a great group of mates. It’s brilliant to get away and spend the weekend splashing about on the river!

Grace: The club trips are the best thing about SUCC, we leave on Friday nights and come back Sunday nights, spending the whole weekend paddling and drinking and forgetting that we are trying to complete a degree.

The SUCC Octopus. Credit: SUCC.
The SUCC Octopus. Credit: SUCC.

Where should people look out for you?

Grace: First of all join our freshers page to get all our updates! And expect to see us training in the pool when you’re in the gym, and also you’ll always see us on jesters dance floor on a Wednesday night! P.S. If you ever see a massive octopus wandering around uni it belongs to us, go say Hi!

George: The Palace of Dreams! And also our SUCC Freshers page!

So there you have it! If you think SUCC sounds like the sort of thing you’d like to be involved in, join the Facebook group and enquire about their upcoming training sessions and trips!



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