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History, one of the largest cohorts the university has. No matter where you live at uni, you’re bound to have at least one flatmate that studies it. I talk to President Henry Tyrrell and Vice President Amy Gill, both returning members of committee to talk about how they intend to make Histsoc open to anyone and everyone, and how they plan to have a bigger and brighter year than last…

Who are Histsoc?

Henry: We are an active and sociable society, primarily here for the benefit of History students, but we often attract people from other subject areas as well. We’re very welcoming in that sense. We make it easier for people to make friends outside of their flatmates, and continue to do so during people’s time at uni.

Amy: History is a subject with many contact hours, so we try to create a social environment for our students. But we want to be inclusive to other students as well.

Henry: A social platform, because people will definitely have a least one friend who does History, so they’re more than welcome to join and enjoy what we put on.

So, who are you guys? I know you’re returning committee members, but what are your positions this year?

Vice President and President on the infamous Back to School Social, Credit: Henry Tyrell
Vice President and President on the infamous Back to School Social, Credit: Henry Tyrrell

Amy: So I’m Vice President. My role is to help Henry and oversee all the committee members in their different roles, and all the events we put on through-out the year.

Henry: And I’m the President of the society. My primary role is to give the committee and society as a whole some direction and leadership through-out the year.

What type of socials do Histsoc offer students? Obviously there’s the Orange Army Bar Crawl that kicks off the year!

Henry: Yeah, we had a lot of people come on that last year.

Amy: Over 300 people. Which is the biggest we’ve had.

Henry: This year we’re trying to mix it up a little bit. We’re going to try and have some non-alcoholic socials, as well as the usual alcoholic ones, hopefully catering to more students.

Amy: You can see that proof within our sports teams. Like last year we have only enough players for one Netball team, and ended up having three full teams at the end of the year.

Henry: We’re hoping to go to Playzone at some point. People should also keep an eye out for our trip abroad as well. In the past few years we’ve been to Budapest and Warsaw. Where it’s a mix of sightseeing and drinking. We always like to do something historical.

I also know that your sports teams have socials? And I know some of them are themed?

Amy: Each sport team do their own socials. They have their own Social sec that sorts that out. And maybe every term or so, we put on a joint one with all Histsoc sports. So we’ve had an army themed social, we’ve had a frat party social as well. And at the end of the year, we had a little prize giving at Oceana.

Henry: It’s nice to just have social members as well, who don’t necessarily play.

Amy: I’d definitely say that all of our sports teams cater to all abilities as well.

Henry: There’s a nice unity in, and across the teams as well. Same with the guys’ teams as well. We had a Nativity themed social at Christmas…I went as the Virgin Mary.

HistSoc Committee 2016/17, Credit: History Society Facebook Page, Facebook
HistSoc Committee 2016/17, Credit: History Society Facebook Page, Facebook

So how many sport teams do you have? And why is it important to have them for an academic subject?

Amy: We have four netball, two football, one basketball and one or five badminton.

Henry: I know it’s in the early stages, but we’re hoping to put on our own summer tournament.

Amy: It would be a charity fundraiser, and all the money would go to RAG. Sport just allows you to meet more people outside of your modules, and outside of your years as well.

Henry: Again it just enhances your social experience at uni.


What can freshers expect when they join Histsoc to help them ease into their university experience?

Henry: We often push the Peer Mentoring scheme, because it’s good for first years to be grouped together who are having similar experiences. It’s nice to have those support services put in place as well within the department.

Amy: Each week they have a suggested theme, maybe when it comes up to deadlines. Anything really, essays, stuff about the city, living away from home.

Henry: And the second and third years are able to reflect on their own experiences too, which I think is also nice for freshers to know that people will probably have similar experiences to them.

Amy: We’ve had careers events where lectures have come to speak about Postgraduate study, helping read over your CV, and give mock interviews as well, which is always useful if you’re thinking of applying for a job or whatever in the future. I was petrified, but my was really helpful.

Credit: History Society, Facebook
Credit: History Society, Facebook

So, why should students, both History and non-History students join Histsoc?

Henry: Well before I even came to university, I didn’t really know that subject societies necessarily existed. I found it as a good way to get to know people on my course better, and as people started bringing their flatmates and friends you just get to know more and more people.

Amy: You don’t have to have an interest in anything specific to be a part of the society. You don’t need to have a skill or anything. You can turn up when you want if the event interests you. It’s just really easy-going. It’s a great way to meet people, because sometimes it’s easy as a fresher to stay in a little bubble.

Henry: It’s definitely improved and enhanced my social life at university. And the one’s I’ve made within the society are definitely the one’s I’ll talk to after I graduate. The society is active and welcoming, and our aim is to continue that, and I’d encourage all students to come see what we’re about. I’d encourage people to join any society!

You can find the History Society on various social media accounts here: – Official History Society Page – Histsoc Freshers Page – Histsoc Sports – Histsoc Netball – Histsoc Football – Histsoc Badminton – Histsoc Basketball

They would like to stress that the membership is for everyone, so head to the Box Office to pick one up for only £5!

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