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Sport isn’t just for those who are competitive. It’s a great way to get in some exercise, obviously, and also get out some frustration. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced badminton player, RecBad might be the society for you! So I interviewed Social Sec Katie and President Zach to find out more..!

First of all, what three words best describe RecBad?

Katie: Fun, friendly and inclusive.

Credit: RecBad.
Credit: RecBad

Zach: Fun, friendly, relaxed.

Why did you join?

Katie: I love badminton and it seemed like a cheap, fun way to play and meet new people. The club seemed very open, friendly and sociable.

Zach: I joined RecBad as it offered a great place to meet loads of new people as well as play a badminton.

Who can get involved – is it open to beginners?

Katie: Anyone can join RecBad: it’s open to complete beginners and players of all standards.

Zach: RecBad (Recreational Badminton) is open to all level of players including beginners and experienced players. We always aim to organise matches so that players play with people of similar ability. We can also offer coaching for beginners and intermediates, but this is subject to demand.

What sort of socials do you go on?

Katie: We have a range of socials, from classics (e.g. Pub crawls) to Christmas meals and movie nights. Not all are alcoholic, and every year the final social is a fun day on the common followed by a big RecBad BBQ. We aim to hold a social every 2-3 weeks.

Zach: As we have many different members, we like to vary the types of socials that we go on. For example [it varies]so we may go on a pub crawl [soon]and the next social will be a food buffet or a movie night!

Credit: RecBad.
Credit: RecBad

When do you normally meet to play badminton?

Zach: We meet on Saturdays (1-4:30pm) and Sundays (12-2pm)

Does it have to be competitive?

Katie: The games do not have to be competitive, but you can make them so if you wish. Lots of friendship groups make their games competitive.

Zach: Our regular sessions have a relaxed feel to them but if you want something more competitive you can join our ‘singles ladder’. This is a badminton singles league which is played throughout the year and you can join at any time.

Where can people go for more info?

Zach: For more info you can look up ‘recbad’ on or on Facebook. If there is anything specific you wish to ask you can email us at

Katie: Yes! Come and see us at any point, even if you didn’t manage to catch us at the bunfight!


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