Your Guide to Hartley Library Near Deadline Days


We’ve all been there. The looming dread the closer it gets to those November and December deadlines, the first big hand-ins of the year and the last flurry of panic before the sweet month off that is Christmas. When noisy house/flat-mates are a serious threat to your productivity, what better way to focus than to visit the library? Here are some strategic tips to ensure you get the most out of Hartley Library.

Bring meals, snacks and water

It is scientifically proven (maybe) that when we’re bored we seek out food. Especially when we’re procrastinating. Save yourself the grief and the expense of wandering away from your desk every so often to buy a croissant, at the risk of losing your train of thought and any motivation that goes with it. Instead, bring a good supply of food and drinks from home so you have a constant supply from the comfort of your seat.

Take breaks

I personally feel the approach of working for 45 minutes, then taking a 15 minute break every hour, and half an hour for breakfast/lunch/dinner works really well and means I can work solidly from 9 until 6. Make sure on your longer breaks you take the time to walk away from your desk so that your vision doesn’t begin to become blurry and you get a pleasant breath of fresh air away from your work.

Get there as early as possible

If you’re a morning person like me and can’t work past about 8pm, your only way of securing seats in Hartley is getting there before about 11am. Any time on or after that you will be hard-pressed to find good seats, and wandering around or settling for an awkward spot is counter-intuitive.

Don’t sit with a friend in the quiet area

Even if you are coursemates, or you’re both supposed to be doing work, for the love of productivity, please do not sit with friends. You will be heavily inclined to chat or whisper, and their mere presence will serve as an easy distraction from your coursework. It is also really, really annoying to other people who don’t appreciate raucous giggling when they have a lot of work to do!

You smash those deadlines. You can get through this!


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