Bitesize Happiness: Stag Do Finds Seven Stray Puppies


This week, eight men from Michigan, USA, went on a stag do and returned, not with crippling hangovers but with a stray puppy each.

Groom, Mitchel Craddock, took seven friends on his stag do to Huntsville, Tennessee. They were enjoying a week of classic stag do high jinks when a stray dog was seen outside their cabin. Their fry-up breakfast had led the dog to their door. The dog, later to be named ‘Little Orphan Annie’, refused to enter the cabin but happily accepted bits of bacon and toast from their hands.

Credit: Trevor Jennings
Credit: Trevor Jennings

The men went out for four hours during the same day, but returned to find Annie patiently waiting at their door still. They became more concerned for her wellbeing and upon further inspection, found out that she was producing milk. They then followed her and after a short walk into the surrounding wood, Annie led the men to seven, five-week-old puppies who were gathered in a small ditch. The men took all eight dogs back to the cabin and gave them water, snacks, and snuggles.

Credit: Trevor Jennings
Credit: Trevor Jennings

Proven by these men, no one can resist seven helpless puppies. Each man kept a puppy for himself and provided them with loving homes. All of the puppies live within a five-mile radius of each other, even Annie who lives with Craddock’s parents.

If you’d like to follow the journey of Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn and Rose then the men have created a Facebook page: Tennessee Mutt Puppies

We’re so glad that these gorgeous puppies ditched their life in a ditch for one with bacon and hugs!

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