Bitesize Happiness: College Students Dress Up As Disney Princesses and Visit Children’s Hospitals


A foundation called Moment of Magic has volunteers dress up as Disney princesses and visit children in hospitals. Started by two college students, these volunteers aim to bring a lasting positive effect to the children. 

The foundation was originally started by two college students, Kylee McGrane and Maggie McAndrew, and they now have around 4o volunteers for their organisation. The volunteers dress up as Disney princesses and visit children in hospitals in order to brighten their day and provide some joy.

The foundation is also a program that can be adopted by other colleges and universities across America. They can choose to adopt either The Fairytale Force, where they dress as famous fairytale characters or Mission Super Hero, which lets the volunteers visit as superheroes.

Kylee, when discussing how she feels when she visits a hospital, said it was the children that make her feel confident, as they always say how beautiful and princess-like she is, saying ‘it’s the most heart-warming thing’.

Because some of the visits can be quite difficult, the princesses have mandatory weekly training sessions, and there is no time limit or expectations for the visits they do. The children are able to spend time with the princesses, and the volunteers hope to help the children forget they are in hospital for a while. They sometimes give gifts, such as tiaras, to the children they visit, making their visits even more memorable!

This truly heart-warming foundation spreads joy and magic through the hospitals they visit, and the children simply can’t help but love their visits.

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